4 Feng Shui Benefits Of Indoor Plants

Keeping plants is a wonderful way to decorate your house. Not only do plants brighten up dull rooms, but also benefit your health. According to research, they improve concentration and learning abilities, reduce stress, generate happiness, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and quicken the process of healing and recovery. Apart from these mental and physical health benefits, they also have feng shui benefits.

What Is Feng Shui And What Are Its Benefits?

Feng shui is a way of spatially arranging items in your surroundings so that you become harmonized with your environment. Buying a few plants from the store and placing them in random areas of the house is not enough to enjoy the benefits of feng shui. You need to know how to select proper plants and how to place them correctly.

According to feng shui, the 8 cardinal directions, different shapes and forms, and Qi or life force affect our well-being. By practicing feng shui, we can improve the energy that surrounds us so that it can positively impact our lives. Plants are better than inanimate objects when it comes to improving our

surrounding energy as they are living and breathing. They produce a lot more positive energy than non-living objects. When the correct plants are placed at correct locations in a house, they can be used to feng shui the house effectively. Here are some of the feng shui benefits of indoor houseplants.

1. Plants Energize An Area


Since plants are living beings, they add life to the area of the house they are kept in. They generate pure, positive energy which can be felt as soon as you enter the area. Keeping enough plants in proper locations throughout your home will make your entire home ooze vitality and positivity.

2. Plants Harmonize The Five Elements


There are a total of five elements in this world. They are water, fire, metal, earth, and wood. All plants belong to the element of wood. When they are kept in an

area associated with wood, they boost the energy level of that particular area. They weaken the energy level of an area associated with water. There are other factors as well, which help plants balance all the five elements of a particular area.

3. Flowers Attract Love


Do you know the main reason you give flowers to the one you love is because they attract love? If you already have a partner, you can place flowers in your bedroom and if you are single, then you can find your Peach Blossom Luck area based on your Chinese zodiac sign and place flowers in that particular area.

4. Plants Increase Learning Abilities


According to feng shui, you can arrange plants in certain ways in a classroom to improve the learning abilities of school goers. It suggests using the “lucky bamboo.” You need to cut 4 straight bamboos and place

it in the Wen Chang area for maximum benefits on the young minds of children.

What Should You Consider Before Getting Indoor Plants?

Keeping plants indoors is marvelous for a variety of reasons but you need to consider a few factors before you proceed. The type of plant you choose to keep in your home is very important. It is better to have plants with large, round leaves rather than small, pointy ones. Larger plants bring more energy to an area than smaller ones. All plants increase the energy of the wood element, but flowers, in particular, increase the energy of the fire element when they blossom into bright red or pink colors. You should be careful when keeping cacti as they have sharp needles instead of leaves so they tend to attract negative energies.

Keep your plants in the East or Southeast area of your home as these areas are associated with the wood element. The South area is associated with the element of fire and the wood element of plants feeds this element. It is good to keep plants in the

living room, dining room, office, and underneath beams. You can take the help of a feng shui professional if the selection and placement of plants are too tricky for you.