3 Office Habits That May Put Your Health in Danger

3 Office Habits That May Put Your Health in Danger
3 Office Habits That May Put Your Health in Danger

Are you a workaholic? Staying cooped up in the office is not unusual today, and many people are now used to a lifestyle that revolves around the workplace. But, be warned: a lot of office workers are also subjecting themselves to simple but potentially harmful habits that may destroy their physical and emotional health.

If you are an office worker, make sure you stay away from these three unhealthy habits.


Skipping Breakfast

Eating breakfast is an essential part of everyday life, but many people, especially office employees who are always rushing to work, often fail to do this. It’s a shame, because studies say that eating breakfast everyday can have positive effects on your:

  • Appetite
  • Energy metabolism
  • Insulin resistance

Skipping breakfast also makes people prone to unhealthy snacking throughout the day. This may have an adverse effect on your weight, since you’ll be eating more foods than your body needs.

It’s important to eat a breakfast before you head for work. But remember, you must make sure that your breakfast choices are as healthy as possible. Stay away from conventional American breakfast foods like waffles, pancakes, cereals, donuts, and bagels that only offer empty calories and too much sugar. Instead, consume a protein-rich breakfast made from organic ingredients. One wonderful choice is a whey protein shake.

Staying Stressed for Long Periods of Time

It’s expected for office employees to experience stress every now and then. Deadlines, bossy bosses, office conflicts, and tons of paperwork can subject workers to an unhealthy amount of stress. Sometimes, this stress becomes chronic, especially if the person fails to address the source.

It’s highly important for you to deal with stressful events inside your workplace. You can do this with simple tactics, such as learning to delegate tasks or creating a schedule. If your stress is caused by conflicts with other employees, confront them and resolve the issue.

If you simply cannot avoid feeling stressed while working, you can also try relaxation tools, like meditating or praying. Another wonderful technique you can try is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is a form of psychological acupuncture that uses the same energy meridians as those in traditional acupuncture. EFT is said to help treat physical and emotional health issues for many years, but without having to use needles.

The wonderful thing about the Emotional Freedom Technique is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. So whether you’re sitting in your office cubicle or on the train to work, you can practice this simple technique. It’s very helpful in ensuring your optimal emotional health.

Spending Too Much Time on Your Computer Without Taking Breaks

Due to pending deadlines, many office workers often fail to enjoy their break time, opting instead to spend it in front of their office computer. Some even take their lunch in front of the computer or fail to take it at all. While this may not seem harmful at all, it can actually have unhealthy consequences, such as oculomotor fatigue or eye fatigue and muscle strain. Some studies even say that spending too much time sitting in the office may lead to chronic conditions like heart disease, obesity, and depression.

To avoid spending too much time sitting down, make sure you make use of your break time adequately. Stand up, do some easy stretches, or even walk around the office. Also, make sure that you’re using ergonomic office equipment so that you will not put too much strain on your body.

Office work may be fulfilling, but it can be extremely taxing as well. Don’t let your body suffer from all the challenges of the corporate world. Remember these simple tips, so that you can stay healthy and happy as you work your way up the ladder of success.