17 Healthy Resolutions That Aren’t “Losing Weight”

Tired of resolving to lose weight every New Year eve, just to gain more in the next year? You are not alone in the boat (which might sink soon due to all that un-lost weight). How about you give your body a break and focus on other areas in life? Life is not all about having the perfect figure or looking beautiful. There are so many other factors that need your attention. This New Year, take resolutions that will make you feel beautiful both inside and out. Here are 17 such resolutions you should take a crack at:

[vs slide=”1″ slide_title=”Smile More”]

1. Smile More


It will make your life much easier and pleasanter.

[vs slide=”2″ slide_title=”Volunteer More Often”]

2. Volunteer More Often


Nothing is more rewarding than making others happy.

[vs slide=”3″ slide_title=”Eat More Fruits And Vegetables”]

3. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables


Don’t kill yourself with ridiculous diets- just eat healthy instead.

[vs slide=”4″ slide_title=”Drink More Water”]

4. Drink More Water


Yes, this is a resolution that is capable of solving most of your health problems.

[vs slide=”5″ slide_title=”Meditate More”]

5. Meditate More


Meditation will put you at ease, and help you handle your body and mind better.

[vs slide=”6″ slide_title=”Cut Down Your Sugar Intake”]

6. Cut Down Your Sugar Intake


Why not save those sugary treats for occasional indulgences alone? It will definitely have a positive impact on your body.

[vs slide=”7″ slide_title=”Reduce Alcohol Intake”]

7. Reduce Alcohol Intake


How about less of alcohol and more of fruit juices for a change? Your liver will surely thank you for it.

[vs slide=”8″ slide_title=”Walk More”]

8. Walk More


Make walking a habit. It will help burn body fat, keep your body well-oiled and also help clear your mind.

[vs slide=”9″ slide_title=”Get More Alone Time”]

9. Get More Alone Time


Learn to be alone more often- it will help you think better and deal with problems more easily.

[vs slide=”10″ slide_title=”Travel Alone More”]

10. Travel Alone More


Take solo trips occasionally to explore new places and meet new people.

[vs slide=”11″ slide_title=”Do More Of What You Love”]

11. Do More Of What You Love


Find time for things you love doing- be it music, dancing, reading, painting, writing, swimming, cooking, or even sitting alone doing nothing.

[vs slide=”12″ slide_title=”Get More Creative”]

12. Get More Creative


Take up a DIY project and make something from the scratch. Getting those creative juices flowing will stimulate your feel-good hormones.

[vs slide=”13″ slide_title=”Spend More Time With Loved Ones”]

13. Spend More Time With Loved Ones


Make it a point to spend time with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, and friends.

[vs slide=”14″ slide_title=”Sleep More”]

14. Sleep More


Sleep plays an important part in your health, relationship, and career- so make sure you get plenty of shut eye.

[vs slide=”15″ slide_title=”Less Social Media”]

15. Less Social Media


Get off Facebook and read a book instead. Stop tweeting and talk to people. Click some remarkable moments in your life instead of selfies to post on Instagram.

[vs slide=”16″ slide_title=”Talk More To Strangers”]

16. Talk More To Strangers


As creepy as it may sound, you will be amazed with the surprising prospects this holds. Who knows, that stranger could be your true love, your future best friend, or even the inspiration you have been looking for your whole life.

[vs slide=”17″ slide_title=”Pamper Yourself More”]

17. Pamper Yourself More


Shop more, eat what you love, forgive yourself for your mistakes, and take good care of yourself. Learn to love yourself and be loved.