The 15 Best Fat Burning Foods

The 15 Best Fat Burning Foods you should be eating in 2016 to amp up your metabolism. These foods help build muscle, promote fat burning, and you gain energy through the digestion process. Number 7 will surprise you!
Stock up on the 15 Best Fat Burning Foods to help you with your goal to lose weight and gain more energy in 2016! Read on to find out what the 15 Best Fat Burning Foods have to offer for your success in weight loss and recipes to help you incorporate these foods into your daily diet.

1. Almonds And Other Nuts


They build muscle and reduce bad cravings. Learn to make these simple No Bake Energy Bites to keep your energy level high throughout the day while you enjoy a delicious and nutritious treat.

2. Dairy Products


Dairy products build strong bones and fire up weight-loss. Make these Chicken, Greek Yogurt, and Spinach Pinwheel Appetizers for your next football party or holiday gathering.

3. Eggs


They build muscle and burn fat. If you love breakfast for dinner, you’re going to love this unique recipe for Poached Eggs in Pasta Sauce. It takes less than 30 minutes to make this delicious and satisfying low sodium dish.

4. Turkey And Other Lean Meats


Lean meats build muscle and strengthen your immune system. This delicious Set It and Forget It Crock Pot Turkey Chili is a great way to add a lean meat to your day.

5. Berries


They improve satiety and prevent bad cravings. Make this amazing Raspberry Vanilla Cereal Smoothie Bowl to start your day with a protein-packed meal.

6. Enova Oil


This promotes fullness and is not easily stored as fat. Here are three health benefits of Enova Oil that you really need to know.

7. Peanut Butter


Boosts testosterone, builds muscle, plus it burns fat. Try using PB2 with even less fat.

8. Grapefruit


This fruit lowers insulin by regulating blood sugar and metabolism. The many benefits of eating grapefruit are worth reading!

9. Green Tea


Fires up fat burning. Find out how drinking Green Tea with Lemon and Ginger can help you fight fat and lose weight. Green Tea is essentially liquid gold when it comes to delivering health benefits to your body.

10. Spinach And Green Vegetables


They fight free radicals and help with recovery after a good workout to build your muscles. Try this Simple Refrigerator Spinach Dip at your next football party.

11. Whole Grains


Eating small portions of brown rice, quinoa, and whole grain cereals helps the body process fat. We love the fresh tastes of lime and cilantro in this Copycat Chipotle® Cilantro-Lime Brown Rice recipe.

12. Whey Protein


Builds muscle and burns fat. You’re bound to find a recipe you’ll love in this list of nine whey protein recipes.

13. Chile Peppers


These spicy peppers spike metabolism. This Lemon Cayenne Ginger Water is a unique drink to jump-start a weight loss program.

14. Beans And Legumes


They build muscle, help burn fat, and regulate digestion. Try this simple Crock Pot Chili Soup. This easy ‘set it and forget it’ slow cooker recipe is economical and comforting on a cold winter day!

15. Fatty Fish


Fatty fish makes you feel full and fires up the fat burning. Prepare delicious Smoked Salmon infused with zesty, smoky flavors easily on your grill without a lot of fancy ingredients, time, or expensive smoker when you follow this simple step-by-step recipe.

We hope you find this list of the 15 Best Fat Burning Foods informative and helpful.

Disclosure: The author of this article is not a trained medical professional, nor a dietitian. All of the information in this post is based on research, doctor recommendations, and personal experience.