15 Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil

15 Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil
15 Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is the one essential oil I would not go without. They say, when in doubt, use Frankincense. Known as liquid gold and  perhaps the most precious of the essential oils, frankincense is an ancient oil used by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and highly sought after by even today for its many uses, including relaxation, immune support, and mood enhancement.

History of Frankincense Essential Oil

When King Tut’s tomb was opened in 1922, alabaster jars for holding Frankincense oil were discovered. The Egyptians practically bathed in it to stay looking young. And we all know the story of how the three wise men brought is as a gift for baby Jesus. And Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine,” used it to halt a devastating plague in ancient Greece.

Flavour Of Frankincense Essential Oil

It has a divine, rich, woody, and slightly astringent fragrance with hints of honey and citrus.

15 Ways to Use Frankincense

3rd Eye Activation / Meditation: Apply directly to space between brow

Meditation: Use neat or mix with lavender, and apply on the face both in the morning and night

Get rid of Wrinkles: Use neat or

mix with lavender and apply on your face to eliminate lines and wrinkles. Do this both in the morning and in the night.

Anxiety: Apply a few drops to cupped hands and breathe deeply

Stress Relief: Apply to your temples and neck

Cuts: Apply a few drops on cuts, for faster healing

Immune Support: Take a few drops in a gelatin capsule

Scar Eraser: Mix with Coconut Oil and apply to scars

Better Sleep or Dreams: Diffuse by bedside

Anti-Inflammatory: Apply neat on affected area for soothing comfort

For The Feet: Mix with Peppermint and apply to bottom of feet

Cough Comfort: Apply on the neck and throat to soothe irritations in throat or with coughs

Frustrations: Apply behind the ears and on wrists to erase frustrations

Bug Bites: Apply on itchy, scratchy skin to soothe irritations

Mood Enhancer: Diffuse or apply to the neck, to find harmony and clarity