13 Shocking Foods That You Must Never Store In Your Fridge

Running a house for yourself and others can be a pain, especially after going grocery shopping. Not all of us have the time to look for a space to store our foods, so we take the easiest and laziest option by just stuffing most of it in the fridge under the assumption that it will last longer than it should.

And the reasons are justified. Most of us probably keep that bread outside and find mold on it almost a day after that, because of the weather, while those bottles of hot sauce probably also ask you to store in fridge after opening. However, besides taking away the original flavor of the food due to freezing, the natural freshness the food once had, is also destroyed, so what you are essentially eating after that is as good as cardboard and has lost almost all of its nutritional value.


Contrary to popular belief, a bunch of these foods do NOT need to be chilled or frozen. Here is what they are and why.

1. Bread



Yes, although it helps it last longer when placing it in the fridge, it makes the bread drier and less healthy. It’s better to keep it in a bread box, in your pantry or cupboard.

2. Baked Goods



This counts for those baked muffins, cookies, biscuits, sponge cakes, cupcakes and so on too. They go stale when stored in the fridge. Would you prefer a stale or crunchy cookie?

3. Tomatoes



They lose their natural juicy, tomatoish flavor and become mushy when stored in the fridge too long.

4. Apples



Store them in a fruit basket outside, so they retain their crunchy and sweet juicy flavor and texture.

5. Melons



If you have a slice or half a melon, then it is alright to store in the fridge. But if it’s still whole, then freezing it would kill away most of its essential antioxidants and remove its stored health benefits.

6. Fruits With Stone Seeds



These include peaches, plums, avocados and other fruits which have big stone like seeds in the middle. They belong outside the fridge or freezer, near a place with a lot of sun.

7. Spices


These little flavor packed powerhouses belong in an air-tight container in a cupboard, to keep bugs away too. As storing them in the fridge takes away its natural pungent flavor and turns it into a dull one.

8. Basil


This includes those dry or fresh basil leaves which need a warm storage area, if not it is as good as a tasteless dry leaf on the street. Even better would be to rub a drop of olive oil on each and store it in a tight box, so it retains its freshness and is preserved.

9. Honey


On its own, it is known as one of the longest lasting foods without needing additional preservation. Hence, it is pointless putting it in the fridge and is safe to store outside; under some wraps to keep pesky ants away. Refrigeration in fact turns into a thick goo and crystallizes it, making it impossible to melt and spread. Those bees and bee-keepers worked hard to give you that honey, show them some respect.

10. Ground Coffee


Your morning cuppa jo’ will taste like dirt, if you store your ground coffee powder in the fridge. Keep it in an air-tight container in your pantry for a fresh and delicious kick of caffeine.

11. Sauces


No matter what the labels say about storing it in the fridge after use, always keep your hot sauce, soy sauce and the like outside on your counter or in your cupboards. As they are packed with their own processed and natural preservatives, they do not need freezing or chilling, as it removes their flavor and makes them thicker than they should be.

12. Garlic And Onions


If you’re keeping them inside a fridge, so they don’t get dried out outside, bad idea. Keep your garlic and onion in a basket with newspaper at the bottom in your counter corner, as one of the best ways to preserve their natural taste and freshness.

13. Potatoes


Potatoes can also be stored just like your onions and garlic, as chilling them makes their starchy goodness become mushy and taste terrible.

What other foods do you think need not be put in the fridge or freezer?