These 12 Tips Promises Clear And Healthy Skin

Have you ever had a situation when you are all set for a party and just the morning before your big night Boom! You have a massive pimple marking its territory on your face?

All of us desire for a beautiful clearer skin that needs no high maintenance tactics in spite of all this, we usually fall victims to expensive chemical products in the market for easy solutions.

Your lifestyle habits and skin care regime can affect the quality of your skin significantly. It is difficult to follow a strict skin care regime in this busy digital life. To help you out we bring you some of the easiest tricks that you can do at home for a healthy looking skin.

1. Say, “No” To Long And Steamy Showers


while a long steamy shower is often what we desire for at the end of the day. Your bathroom is your own personal place that cuts you from the rest of the world.
However, long

– steamy showers takes away moisture and protective oils from your skin. Opt for shorter, cooler showers instead.

2. Check For Dryness On Your Skin


If you are not sure about the dryness of your skin, you can always do this simple trick. Run a finger on your skin, if you see a white trail behind, then, your skin is in desperate need of moisture and exfoliation .

3. Do You Have Rough Elbows?


If you have rough and dry skin around your elbows, take a 15-minute shower and exfoliate the skin. Once you have got rid of dry skin, cut a grapefruit in half and rest each elbow in it for up to 15 minutes. The acidity of the fruit will instantly smoothen the rough skin.

4. Acne? Sleep On A Clean Towel

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Dirty bedsheets and pillow covers also contribute to Acne facial acne. In case, you are not regular with your laundry, make it a habit of sleeping on a clean towel so as to give your face a clean surface nightly.

5. Your Body Needs Vitamin E


Applying Sunblock regularly before stepping out in skin is a good habit indeed. Apart from this, your body needs something else too. Apply Vitamin E to avoid early age wrinkles. This is also an easy way of rehydrating your skin.

6. Drink Less Alcohol


Drinking large amounts of alcohol regularly increases the size of blood vessels in your skin. In return, this will give your face a reddish hue and blemishes. Limit yourself to one or two alcoholic drinks.

7. Avoid Touching Your Face Too Much

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Your hands grab, touch, hold numerous things in a day which means by the ends of the day they hold colonies of dirt and bacteria. ( if you do not have the habit of washing hands regularly) Avoid touching your hands so as to prevent a breakout of acne.

8. Sleep With Gloves On


Moisturising your hand before sleeping is the first step towards smoother hands. However, if you are still not satisfied with the results – sleep with gloves On at night.

9. Use A Humidifier


Run a humidifier at night while sleeping to keep moisture in the air. This will prevent dry and flaky skin, also, it will immediately start to moisturise your skin.

10. Exercise Daily


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Researchers suggest that 30 minutes of physical activity daily is good for your body. Sweating is the body’s natural way of eliminating toxins. Jogging or running daily will help clear your skin and improve circulation throughout your body, Just be sure to wear your sunblock!

11. Baby Powder Is An Effective Magic Potion


In order to avoid irritation and itching caused due to sweat on the areas where skin to skin contact is often such as thighs, use baby powder to keep the skin clean and dry.

12. Use Loofah While Showering


Loofah helps in geeting rid of the dry and dead skin from the body. Use it daily to remove dry skin and to prevent scaly areas on your body.