12 Subtle Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missing Your Period

Most women look forward to missing their period if they have planned for the pregnancy. However, waiting for the most obvious sign, moms might not realize that their bodies are actually dropping hints of pregnancy every now and then. These subtle signs may not be the surest ways to confirm a pregnancy and might be mistaken for symptoms of an illness. However, they could be indicating that you have already conceived and embarked on the pregnancy journey.

These 12 hints will lead you to the happy news that you have been waiting for.


1. Vomiting In The Mornings

Some women might confuse it with indigestion or food poisoning. But these are actually signs of morning sickness that happen because your hormones have started kicking in and hindering with your digestion process.

2. Fatigue And Sleepiness

A feeling of fatigue and sleepiness overpowers you all the times. That may not be the most dependable signs, but it surely can be one of them. After all, you need rest when your body is working overtime to prepare a room for a new life.


3. Swollen And Sensitive Vagina

If your mucus discharge becomes thin and white, probably more than the usual, it could be one of the signs you are missing. A thick and sensitive vagina is obeying the orders of the pregnancy hormones that have already started their work of preparing the body for pregnancy.

4. Tender And Sensitive Breasts

Menstruation may make your breasts tender and sensitive, so does pregnancy. The story of breasts is a lot different in the later stages where they seem to have a mind of their own, changing shapes and sizes. However, tender breasts in the early days also from the first few hints of pregnancy.


5. Constipation Without A Change In Diet

Your digestion was all good and so was your diet, but suddenly you realized you were spending too long a time in the loo. Blame the hormone progesterone for constipation, which is a major pregnancy hormone. Drinking a lot of water and eating fiber-rich food can help.

6. Feeling Dizzy

The world may sway for a split second and you wonder if you have a low blood pressure. Of course, you do. Progesterone, which is a pregnancy hormone widens your blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through them. This can result in decreased blood pressure. Dizziness could be a hint of pregnancy unless there are other reasons for your low blood pressure.


7. Urgency To Pee Frequently

Making frequent trips to the bathroom could be one of the hints your body is dropping for you. As the pregnancy begins, your body starts producing more blood to meet the needs of the tiny life growing inside you. Therefore, your kidneys start doing the extra work of filtering that blood.

8. Hunger Pangs

You recently noticed that you have started binging on food, even in nights! And, wait, there is a pattern to it! You are devouring on sour things or ice-cream and cheese. An increased appetite is an indicator of the onset of pregnancy and your body will just be wanting for more food later on.


9. Unexpected Menstrual Cramps

“It is not even my date, yet I am experiencing cramps?”, you might wonder. Menstruation follows the ritualistic cramping that one experiences in the lower abdomen, but pregnancy can also result in one. Women also tend to experience cramps when the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterine lining—also called implantation.

10. Implantation Bleeding

When the implantation happens it can also cause slight bleeding, which women may notice as spotting—little blood in the underwear or while wiping the nether regions. It could last for a few days, however, heavy bleeding could be a sign of miscarriage or a period.


Implantation signifies the commencement of your pregnancy.

11. Aversion To Certain Foods

Hating a smell that you liked before? Skipping your favorite foods on the menu that you otherwise liked is not unusual. Certain smells and tastes could create dislikes—it is all because of the pregnancy hormones like estrogen and progesterone.


12. Mood Swings

At one moment you are a jolly woman, the next you are crying like a baby—its normal because it is pregnancy. A sudden surge in the hormone levels during could lead to a haywire in your emotional system, so much that you might take yourself for a surprise. Get some rest and talk to your partner or family members if it feels out of place.

What To Do Next?

If you feel you could relate to most of these symptoms, the chances that you have conceived are pretty high. Your body will start showing signs of pregnancy withing two weeks of conception. If you found you missed your period, this is the time to go for a pregnancy test and confirm your anticipation.