12 Personality Differences Between Successful And Unsuccessful People

Success comes in many forms. However it all begins with a positive mind, perseverance, and some crucial food-for-thought, to keep you going.

Although this may seem like quite a rigid way of categorizing people, here are the dominant traits of successful and unsuccessful people, and what sets them apart.

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1. Humble vs Proud


Successful people are humble and own up to their mistakes and make sure they do what it takes to amend them.

Unsuccessful people do not find any fault with themselves. Instead they are quick to blame others around them, without considering their own faults too.

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2. Positive vs Negative


Successful people naturally radiate positive vibes, emotions, and thoughts, without drama, even during tough times.

Unsuccessful people never stop expressing negative feelings, and they generally have an uninviting vibe or personality to them.

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3. Discuss Ideas vs Gossip


Successful people do not stoop down to a lower frame of thinking and are always talking about their ideas and creative notions.

Unsuccessful people can be petty and do not really have anything much to say unless it involves talking or gossiping about people or events.

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4. Share Information vs Keep Secrets


Successful people are keen to share information with the right people and hope that boosts a friendly, unified, and comfortable atmosphere for others to do so too.

Unsuccessful people keep secrets and withhold information to benefit only them. They only share information to others, if it meets some sort of personal agenda.

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5. Show Appreciation vs Criticize Everything


Successful people always appreciate those around them, show gratitude, and give people genuine compliments.

Unsuccessful people are always quick to judge and criticize others without a reason or any legitimate justification.

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6. Forgive vs Hold Grudges


Successful people have been hurt by others, but they know better than to crib about it. They rather forgive others and maintain their inner-peace.

Unsuccessful people have a hard time letting go of what others did, so they hold grudges, which unfortunately keeps them from moving forward.

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7. Everyone Should Win vs Only I Must Win


Successful people hope everyone is happy and doesn’t want to be the only ones to win, but hopes everyone succeeds in life too.

Unsuccessful people may seem like well-wishers, but secretly hope that they succeed and others fail, especially if it helps them get to the top.

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8. Give Others Credit vs Steals Credit For Themselves


Successful people do not just feel happy about their personal achievements, but celebrate the victories of others and share the joy of it, as if it were their own.

Unsuccessful people tend to take all the credit for themselves and do not give credit to those who also made that achievement possible.

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9. Take Risks vs Scared Of Change


Successful people are always ready for something new, different or risky, breaking routine and making a change.

Unsuccessful people may be creatures of habit in all aspects, be scared of change or trying something that involves risk or is beyond their comfort zone.

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10. Open Minded vs Rigid


Successful people do not have a one-track mind, but tend to consider more than one point of view or perspective.

Unsuccessful people do not venture beyond a certain frame of thinking; they tend to think about their own point of view and only a few self-serving perspectives.

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11. Always Learning vs Know It All’s


Successful people are always seeking to improve themselves, without shying away from admitting what they do not know. They are always learning and have this thirst for knowledge and new skills.

Unsuccessful people think they already know everything and are right about stuff they may not even really know about. They are usually the know-it-alls in the group, who never feel they are wrong.

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12. Live In The Moment vs Live In The Past


Successful people know that life is short and that it is important to make every moment count, so they thrive and live in the moment, instead of dwelling on what has already happened.

Unsuccessful people constantly face the same lessons again and again, because they constantly live in the events of the past and not truly experience the present.

On a final note, it is important to remember that no matter what kind of person you are, success is a relative term, which each and every individual defines differently. So do respect all versions and ideas of success, unless it bears ill intent.