11 Ways To Stay Comfortable At Workplace During Pregnancy

You haven’t yet started with your maternity leave and wish to embrace your work till your due date. This is a decision you have taken considering all the pros and cons.

Experiencing discomforts is a part and parcel of the pregnancy journey. It is your will to continue your job throughout your pregnancy—make sure your workplace becomes the second most comfortable place for you after home.


Here is a 10-point guide for mothers to make things easier at the workplace during pregnancy.

1. Dress Comfortably

When your expanding belly will be poking through your clothes, make sure you buy apparels that are comfortable to wear for the whole day at the office. Go for fabrics that allow you to breathe and most importantly invest in your inner wear. Here is your guide to dressing comfortably during pregnancy.


2. Keep Some Snacks Handy

Pregnancy cravings aren’t anything new for an expectant mom. However, if you are at work they could be bothersome. Bring along some healthy snacks from home—salad, fruits, nuts, or yogurt. When you feel hungry grab a bite while you are at your desk. Snacking in between meals will also prevent nausea and heartburn. Read on to know how to overcome pregnancy cravings.

3. Take More Breaks

It is important for a mom to move around. If your job requires you to sit in front of a screen, take frequent breaks that will allow you to move. Trips to the washroom are the obvious ones, however, do get up once every hour. This will prevent any swelling in your limbs that is typical to pregnancy.


4. Avoid High Heels

While at work, a mother should be in her comfortable self. High heels could leave you complaining about back pain and swollen feet. The risk of tripping or twisting a foot persists in case you are a super fan of heels and can’t resist them even when you are expecting.
Wear flat footwear that is soft to the soles and allows your skin to breathe.

5. Buy A Stool Or A Footrest

A small stool placed below your desk can act as a footrest. No wonder your beautiful feet carry you and your baby places. Return back the favor and you will notice a sense of relaxation resting your feet comfortably on the stool.


6. Keep Yourself Hydrated

We often forget to drink water when engrossed in work—it is an unhealthy practice a working mother should be wary about. Keep a water bottle on your desk—it will remind you to drink water frequently and you won’t have to get up every time to go near the water cooler.
Avoid carbonated drinks instead, drink milkshakes, lemonade, or normal clean drinking water.

7. Stick To Eating A Healthy Lunch

If you eat at the office, make sure your food isn’t a greasy one or just some junk food—don’t take your nutrition for granted. Remember, the food you eat becomes the nourishment for your baby as well. Make wise food choices—if the food available at the office isn’t healthy, try bring lunch from your home.


8. Keep Stress At Bay

Sometimes, work does invite unwanted stress. At this stage, you don’t want to burden your mind with things that could leave you physically or mentally exhausted. If your work demands your 100% attention, make sure you practice meditation and yoga to undo a rough day’s effect.

9. Find A Cool Place To Work

No, we are talking about the job change. Pregnancy hormones cause your body temperature to increase. You may feel uncomfortably warmer, even while sitting at your desk. Prefer sitting near an open window or ask your boss to shift your desk to a cooler place. If you can, buy a small electric table fan for yourself to stay cool.


Don’t switch to places closer to an air conditioner—you could risk catching a cold.

10. Stay Away From Coffee

You might be in a habit of having a sip of your morning coffee before starting your work. Remember that excess caffeine could do harm rather than boosting your energy to kick start the day. Replace your coffee mug with a refreshing glass of lemon juice.


11. Don’t Refrain From Taking A Leave

Some days, you might not want to get out of bed—that is alright. Your body is already doing much hard work for your baby. Listen to it—instead of going against your body’s will and slogging yourself to work, take a day off and give yourself time to rejuvenate. Ask your manager whether you could work from home in case you are planning to save your leaves. Taking a day off won’t bring down the profits of the company—so stay put and relax yourself doing nothing.

Make sure your manager and good friends at the office know about your pregnancy before it becomes very evident. Discuss your maternity leave with your boss and sort out the things beforehand. Here are some tips to announce your pregnancy at work.