11 Ways to Reprogram Your Mind to Make Healthier Choices.

11 Ways to Reprogram Your Mind to Make Healthier Choices.

We are truly the sum of our thoughts we possess most of the time. They help lead us to make decisions which lead to the actions we take. That is true whether it’s healthy or unhealthy. No matter what you may say, it’s what you do that shows where your true thoughts lie.

In today’s world it’s also hard to know what is a healthy choice. Think about the conflicting views regarding food. Saturated fat was considered bad not long ago and now it’s back to being okay for you (as it was before the 1950’s).  [pullquote]If you’re able to function at a high quality physically and mentally, then you’re probably on the right track.[/pullquote]

As humans, we are designed to move and eat foods closest to Mother Nature. The problem we face nowadays is the multitudes of advertising, tastes and smells that make our mouth water. Put on top of that of how processed sugars and simple carbs lead to increased cravings and even addiction. It becomes a challenge to keep on the right track of healthy eating. It’s the same for physical movement. We do much less than we’ve ever done as a species. Heck, it’s affected our pets too.

The consequences being is a fatter society. Our subconscious has been programmed to make the wrong choices when it comes to your health. We don’t even realize this. No matter how much will power you try to use, it’s simply a trial in futility. No amount of conscious trying is going to move you to the right action if you’re deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind to live an unhealthy life. What you need is to reprogram your subconscious to start making better choices when it comes to health. That includes stopping food cravings and emotional eating. A new filing system in your subconscious mind will allow you to move towards health. It’s going to take some work on your part to make it happen.


11 Different Ways to Reprogram your Mind:

I’m here to help you will 11 different ways to help reprogram your mind so that you’ll focus more on health and make the right decisions which will lead to the right actions.

1. Read only magazines and books related to health, fitness and nutrition.

The more you do this, the more it will be absorbed into your subconscious mind. While this will work, it will take time and effort.

2. Take classes on health, fitness and nutrition.

Learning this way will lead you to better choices later. You can also embed what you learn when you do #3.

3. Use self-hypnosis.

This is a great way to embed suggestions of health and fitness. Make sure to specifically mention the kind of suggestions of what you want, not what you don’t want. The mind can only visualize or imagine in the positive. Even if you say what you don’t want, your mind will only register it as a want.

4. Use hypnotherapy.

A qualified hypnotherapist or a therapist trained in hypnosis can help make good suggestions when it comes to health. They may be able to uncover the deeper problems and use hypnosis to overcome and replace negative files in your subconscious mind by replacing them with positive ones.

5. Associate with health and fitness-minded people.

Who we surround ourselves will most of the time we become the sum average of them. This is due to their influence on our behavior.

6. Write in a journal of the right actions you took.

Give yourself a reward for doing so. It doesn’t have to be a physical reward as much as a documentation of what you did and the value you have on it. In fact, the harder the actions you take, the higher the value of the reward. Dr. John Kappas developed the Mental Bank years ago and it’s a great tool to use.

7. Use a health coach.

This professional will guide you in living a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to nutrition and fitness. My friend Dr. Lori Shemek is one such professional who goes above and beyond in helping her clients.

8. Affirmations.

Here’s my take on using affirmations. They don’t work in the traditional way. If you’re subconscious mind is not aligned with the affirmations, then it becomes very hard to make them work for you. Instead, make sure to connect any affirmation to an emotional state based on what you want out of the affirmation.

9. Increase your awareness.

Being mindful of your behavior and what lifestyle choices you make will enable to you to stop the negative actions in their track. From there you can make better decisions.

10. Use powerful words that lead you to health.

There are words that are weak, negative, positive and powerful. The goal should be to connection powerful words with health. From there, turn them into a statement. Since your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a negative or positive, you can use this to your benefit. Understanding this part will also help you with some of the other ways. For example, using the word “try” is weak. Instead, use the word “will.” Make sure to use words that move you forward.

11. Teach others what you’ve learned.

If a health coach taught you something regarding eating healthy, then teach it to someone else. You can share it in other ways as well. Start a blog and use that to pass forward your new knowledge. Now, here’s the great thing about teaching… You will learn what you teach faster and you’ll want to live what you teach.


I hope you decide to start on the road to a better mindset when it comes to your health. All our actions we take stems from our minds. So, be more mindful and realize that you can make positive changes. Simply just do it right!