11 Cheerful Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Dogs can be your best pals to exercise with. You can count on them as your travel partner; they never run out of energy too soon or complain about hiking up a hill. While going for a walk with your dog is some sort of exercise, there are many other exercises you can do together. Check out these cheerful ways you can bond with you pawsome pal alongside staying fit.

1. Running together



Have a running race with your dog every morning. This exercise is good for your cardiovascular health. Your dog will get used to this routine, so she can be your daily reminder to go running. She certainly won’t let you back out on a rainy day or if you are just feeling lazy to step out. You can even choose to attend race events organized for dogs and perform this exercise. However, this exercise is dependent on your dog’s age and breed. If you own a bulldog or a pug, the dog may face serious breathing issues if there’s not enough air or if it’s too sunny.

2. SUP



Taking your pooch on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) can be adventurous for both you and your pooch. While you are having fun with your pooch on the SUP, you’re also working out your abs. Practice on a lake or a bay until your dog gains the ability to overcome sea sickness before you go overboard.

3. Paddle A Canoe



Planning an activity for your upcoming weekend? Go canoeing, or kayaking, with your dog. Slowly introduce your pooch to the different kinds of noises your canoe and paddle makes. Not only will you have fun while canoeing, you also burn calories and tone your arms and belly. Don’t forget to carry tricks and treats for your dog while you are on the go.

4. Biking



Unable to keep up with your dog’s walking speed? Don’t worry, you can now keep up with her speed by riding beside her. Meanwhile, you also get to exercise your calf and thigh muscles. However, be careful about where and how much your dog runs while you are riding. Don’t make her run on a busy street or ride too fast.

5. The Joy Of Skating



If you are a good inline skater, this exercise is for you. Do not attempt this if you are not confident about your skating skills. While it burns your dog’s excess energy, it acts as a great exercise for working out on your core. Choose a location that is open such as a park, for this activity.

6. Fitness Camp



Look out for pet-friendly fitness classes around you. Here, you’ll be trained to exercise while your dog will be trained to obey commands. This also helps your dog socialize with other kinds of dogs and people. Go unleash the fitness in you!

7. Doga



What do you call a yoga session with your dog? Doga! Doga, or dog yoga, is an art of performing yoga with your dog. Doga helps you connect more with your pet and involves massage and meditation.

8. Play Fetch


Throw a stick for your dog to fetch. While he is on the fetch, snap some moves until he is back. Bored or lazy to do those exercises? Fret not; you can run behind and play the game of who fetches the stick first.

9. Football And Frisbee


If your dog is a fan of ball games, play football with him. Your dog will soon learn to dribble the football. This workout will be fun for both of you. You can choose to play with a football made specially for pets. Similar to fetching a stick, you can play Frisbee with your dog. Choose the size of the Frisbee according your dog’s breed.

10. Skiing


Don’t let your dog be bored and locked up inside the house during winter. Take him out with you while you ski. Skiing is great for overall workout of your body. This activity is suitable if your dog is a breed with furry coat such as the Siberian Husky or German Shepherd. This activity is not suitable for breeds such as the Chihuahua and Great Dane. You can opt for dog boots and a jacket for your dog when you go out on a cold day or into the snow.

11. Step By Step


Walking up on stairs is an exercise you can opt at anytime. While this exercise excites your dog to walk up and down with you, you are also toning your lower body.

If you don’t have a pooch to perform all these exercises, go to a pet shelter and take as many dogs as you can for morning walk everyday. Alternately, you can even become a freelance dog walker.