10 Ways To Connect With Your Pet Spiritually

Having pets during times of happiness and of sadness is one of the greatest blessings in life. They are pure and emanate such positive energy that it is almost impossible not to have a connection with them outside the physical realm. They have spiritual qualities such as creativity, affection, gratitude, and unconditional love that enable you to form a very deep bond with them. If you are in tune with these qualities of theirs, you will be able to take your relationship to a whole new level. You can follow a few techniques to evolve spiritually along with your pet.

1. Keep A Journal To Express Your Gratitude



It is always better to write down your thoughts and feelings instead of keeping them bundled up as it allows you to process your emotions and helps you keep a record of them. The same goes for the love and gratitude you feel for your lovely pet. Each night, list three things you appreciate about it, look at it, and read it out to it as many times as you want. Don’t hold back when you read. Let your emotions fill your heart and flow into your words.

2. Have Special Ways To Express Your Love



The relation you share with your pet is unique and you need special ways to express your affection for each other. Make a note of the quirky ways your pet makes you laugh or how it creates a mess but is too adorable to be angry at. Each special connection you note down will be your solace when your pet is no longer with you one day.

3. Dream Together



Sleeping with your furry friend is a great way to bond and the only way to make the bond stronger is by dreaming together. Talk to your pet as though it is a soul dwelling in an animal’s body. Invite it into your dreams and ask it to communicate with you. If you do see it in your dreams, write it down first thing in the morning in order to keep a record of them.

4. Know The Reason Your Pet Is In Your Life



There is a purpose behind everything that happens in your life and there is definitely a spiritual reason why you are in your pet’s life and why it is in yours. Grab your pet, look into its eyes, and think of the main reason why you are there in each others’ lives. Write down your unfiltered thoughts on this topic and reflect on them.

5. See The World Through Your Pet’s Eyes



When you have some alone time with your pet, take some time to get down to its eye level and pretend that you are your pet for a while. Crawl around and see how the world looks from its point of view. Remove all distractions while you are at it and take some time to reflect on your experiences.

6. Connect With Your Pet Through Nature



The peace and calm of nature can always invoke a sense of spirituality in you and being with your pet enhances the experience. Take your pet out for a walk and listen to the birds chirping and the leaves rustling in the wind. The planet is amazing and it should be shared with your furry companion.

7. Meditate With Your Pet



Meditation is a great way to relax and connect with your pet. When your pet is resting, dim the lights, make the room quiet, and sit beside it or keep it on your lap. Close your eyes and take deep breaths for 5 to 10 minutes. Slow down your thoughts and silently thank the universe for your blessings, especially the one on your lap or beside you.

8. Sing Spiritual Songs Of Love


Songs have the power to uplift an individual and they have the same effect on animals, especially melodious holy songs. Singing HU, the ancient love song to god, will help you get in tune with your pet’s spiritual energy and will fill your heart with love. Bring your pet close to you, be calm, take a deep breath, and sing HU. Sing it in a long, melodious note (HU-oo-oo-oo).

9. Care For Your Pet In Times Of Emergency


You should always be there to take care of your pet, especially during the bad times. Always be ready to handle a physical emergency with food, water, medicines, and necessary materials so that your pet knows you will take care of it through thick and thin. It will trust and connect with you a lot more.

10. Forgive Your Pet At All Times


Everybody makes mistakes and your pet is no exception. It may goof up sometimes and instead of punishing it, you should forgive it. You should learn to love unconditionally like it does. Let your pet know that you love it no matter the situation and that you will always be there for it.

Cherish your pet and rejoice having it in your life. Your life would be much different without it and for all you know, it may have been worse without its companionship.