10 Ways To Get Over A Breakup Fast

Breaking things off with a loved one can hurt like hell. But sometimes you have to realize you have reached a dead end, and the learn to walk in a different direction. Getting over a breakup might seem impossible to you- but you can manage to do it. Here are 10 tips you need to keep in mind while recovering from a breakup.

1. Avoid The Denial Phase



Denial is a common and somewhat dangerous phase people go through when a loved one leaves them. If you refuse to accept that your relationship is over, then you will never get over it. Buck up, face the facts, and kill all your hopes of working things out with your ex.

2. Never Go Back



It is never a good idea to go back crying to your ex, or worse, getting back together with the same person who dumped you in the first place. Returning will only make you look weak and needy. Though there are exceptions always, it’s wise to stay away from the person who broke your heart.

3. Avoid Romantic Movies



Romantic movies usually have fairy tale endings, which would definitely spark new hope in you, filling your head with silly ideas of things working out after all. Even if they don’t, all that lovey-dovey crap is going to mess with your head and make you sadder. It’s best to steer clear of emotional stuff until you are stronger.

4. Stay Engaged



The best way to take things off your mind is by staying busy. Focus on your studies or work, go shopping, start a new hobby, watch funny movies, spend time with your family and friends, get a pet, do some gardening, learn to cook.

5. Cry When You Feel The Need To



It’s okay to cry. Vent out whenever you feel necessary, though it’s best not to create a scene. Cry your heart out when you are alone or with a close friend. Emoting is an effective healing factor. Wash away all your pain with those tears.

6. Don’t Put A Halt To Your Social Life



Restart your social life- hang out with your friends regularly, meet new people, realize that your breakup isn’t the end of your world. Make sure you don’t end up getting into a new relationship right away though- take more time to heal and to get things straight.

7. Avoid Too Much Drama



Self pity is the last thing you want now- ditch those sad tunes, stop wearing black, stay away from sad quotes, and most importantly, do NOT post sad stuff on social media.Now would be a great time to take a break from Facebook and Twitter.

8. Don’t Turn To Cynicism


It’s natural for people with broken hearts to turn into hardcore cynics. They will form new beliefs, laugh in the face of love, and scorn everyone who is happy, and in love. This is not exactly a healthy move. Just because you aren’t happy doesn’t mean love doesn’t exist- it is out there…you just have to find it again.

9. Avoid Contacts With Your Ex For A While


This goes without saying. It’s best to stay away from your ex for a few months after the break up, to make sure you don’t end up pining for them again. Just keep a distance- it’s gonna be awkward as hell otherwise.

10. Learn To Be Alone


The best lesson a breakup can teach you is that it is totally fine to be alone. This is something people who get into a relationship often forget. Loneliness is not bad, nor is it sad. After all, it is better to be alone than with someone who cannot make you happy. Learn to be comfortable with your loneliness and you will be much happier in life.