10 Tips For Husbands From Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is difficult for both the expecting mother and the father. Pregnancy is a rocky road and one has to cross many hurdles and obstacles. It would be a much calmer journey when you have your significant other or husband beside you through the pregnancy. While most men are aware and try their best to stay supportive during this time, there are a few things wives want to tell their husbands about pregnancy.

10 Tips For Husbands From Pregnant Women

1. Wow, You Are Huge

It doesn’t help when you comment on the size of my bump or how I’ve been building up on my pounds. I know I look like a baby elephant, I don’t really need you to validate or remind me about it.


2. Backrubs

Give her a backrub at times, the pain from carrying a baby within your wife can get intense at times. Your wife is carrying a 5 pound human inside of her at all times. Give her a backrub and relieve her of the pain.

3. Nesting

Nesting during pregnancy is common, the urge to sort out stuff and keep everything organized comes from the motherly instincts kicking in during this time. So if you see your pregnant wife cleaning the cupboards or making labels for each cupboard, don’t be surprised. In fact, maybe you can lend her a hand.


4. Cravings

When your lovely wife has a craving, she wants the food right then. Don’t argue and suggest an alternative or try to convince her saying you’ll get it after a few hours. The least you could do for the mother of your child is buy some candy floss or pickles right when she craves them.

5. Pains and Vain

Your wife will experience a lot of cramps and pain during her pregnancy. And once she’s in her third trimester, especially after she’s hit the 37-week mark, every ache or pain will point to labor. The anxiety, pains, and tiredness all make your wife very weak. Therefore, if you have any plans of hitting the clubs or going out for a drink, save it for until the baby is out.


6. Mood Swings

During pregnancy, the major symptom is the hormonal imbalance. Your wife’s hormones are on a rollercoaster and take your wife for a ride. So if you find your wife crying over spilled milk or biscuit crumbs on the floor, just roll with it and clean the floor, rather than trying to put some sense into her.

7. Food

Food is a huge deal during pregnancy. While eating healthy and having a nutritious diet is important, keep in mind to not spite your wife by eating delicious or her favorite foods in front of her. Unless you want to get an earful or your food thrown in the bin.


8. Helping Around The House

Help yourself at times and get things done on your own. If you want milk, look for it in the refrigerator or the oven. Being pregnant makes us cranky and forgetful. Especially if we already have another toddler to look after. In case, try to help your pregnant wife around the house with cooking or other daily chores.

9. We Are Lying When We Say We Are Fine

You are never fine when you have a baby growing inside you and you feel nauseatic at almost all times. So, even if we tell you that we are fine, just know that we are nowhere near being fine. Leaving your clothes on the floor, calling your friends over for a game night are not fine with us. Even when we say it’s okay, even when we give you a fake smile. It means we are not fine.


10. Everything Is Your Fault

Anything and everything is your fault. A dent in the car, spoiled milk, broken chair, and even gloomy weathers are your mistake. Irrespective of what happens, carrying a baby gives me a wild card. The only thing that matters is that I’m safe with our baby.

Pregnancy is a tumultuous time for both the husband and the wife. While your wife is the one who goes through most of the physical and emotional trouble, as a husband, you too will have a tough time. Finances come into play and dealing with this huge change itself might be quite stressful for you. But your primary and huge responsibility is to take care of your pregnant wife and make sure she is calm and happy during this time.