10 Things You’ll Relate To Only If You’re An Older Sibling

There were a few glorious years of your life when you were the only child and everyone’s attention was always on you. Then your sibling arrived. You might have the same parents and live in the same house, but your growing years were probably wildly different. Here are a few things you’ll completely understand if you were the older sibling in your family.

1. Your Parents Had Higher Expectations For You


When your parents had their first child (you), they enrolled you in a dozen after-school classes, plied you with books and made sure you had plenty of life enriching experiences. They were fully determined to make you the smartest kid your age and get you into the best college. By the time your younger sibling came along though, they were pretty much exhausted from their efforts with you and considered it an achievement if he could tie his laces.

2. You Had The Most Age Restrictions

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You might have had to wait till you were 16 to get your first cell phone and till 18 to watch an A-rated movie. Your sibling on the other hand was allowed to do anything they wanted at whatever age. Unrestricted access to the laptop? Sure. Make up? Anytime they asked for it. Once you’d already done it and the taboo was removed, your sibling was immediately given permission too.

3. You Measure Growing Old By Your Sibling’s Age


You constantly do the math in your head to see how old you will be when your younger sibling gets to a certain age. You’ll be 25 when your sibling graduates high school? Quick, think of something else to avoid another panic attack.

4. You Got Into A Lot More Trouble



sibling always watched and learnt from your mistakes. While you messed up, your sibling was making a mental note on how not to act in the future. As a result, you ended up getting scolded by your parents a lot more than your sibling ever did.

5. You Were Always To Blame


Had a fight with your sibling where they were clearly in the wrong? Your parents blame you for not being mature enough to take the high road. Your sibling did something stupid and you were not involved? Your parents blame you for not being more responsible and watching over them. You’re so used to getting blamed for everything, you proactively start looking for excuses.

6. Your Clothes Were Never Thrown Away


Unlike everyone else, your clothes were never thrown away or given to charity. Instead, they were carefully laundered and stored so

your sibling could use them some day. As a result, you share many identical childhood pictures with your younger sibling.

7. You’re Always The Responsible One


Years of forced babysitting and cleaning up after your sibling has made a leader out of you. You immediately take charge of most situations and don’t wait for anyone else to give the command. You might be labelled bossy and domineering, but you know who was to blame for it.

8. You Still Can’t Stop Treating Them Like A Kid


Your younger sibling might not be so young anymore, but you’ll always think of them that way. You can’t help second guessing their decisions and doubting their capabilities because you’re so used to thinking of them as a baby.

9. You’re Often Their Go-To Person For Advice


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Your siblings know you’ve already had a lot more life experience, so you’re usually the first person they confide in when they have problems. They feel completely comfortable talking to you about everything and you always try to help them out of rough spots without your parents finding out.

10. You’ll Always Be A Tad Overprotective


In school, you would always defend them against a bully or take their side if your parents yelled at them. That part of you will never go away and you still try to protect them from troubles in life. You’ll always see yourself as their elder sibling and nothing could ever change that.