10 Things You Should Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful

Forget about your much neglected storeroom closet, it’s your life that you need to declutter. If you’re tired of being mediocre, make some room for success by letting go of a few habits. Success will not simply fall into your lap while you coast through life watching TV and snoozing. If you want to achieve your dreams, here are a few things to let go of which will put you on the path to your ambitions.

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1. Choose Better Friends


The people you surround yourself with will ultimately mould you into an amalgamation of all of them. Hanging out with unsuccessful people who do not wish to see you do your best will severely hold you back. Instead, include people who are driven and motivational into your circle. A healthy competition with them will push you forward and get you out of your rut.

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2. Stop Procrastinating


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When you were young, you had big dreams of what you would become when you were ‘older’. At some point in between noticing your first fine line or grey hair, you have to acknowledge that you are now ‘older’. Stop putting off your dreams for a later vague date and work for them right now. If you’ve always wanted to do a college course that will propel you forward, register for it now. If you’ve always wanted to run a full marathon, start training now.

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3. Don’t Settle For Less


You might have gotten passed over for a promotion at work, but don’t make your peace with it. Believe that you deserve more and demand success for yourself. This doesn’t mean you should stage a walkout until your boss gives you what you want. Confront your superiors about why you weren’t rewarded and if their criticism has

merit, take it on board and use it as a guideline to improve yourself.

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4. You Don’t Have to Be Perfect


You don’t have to be excellent at everything. No one cares if you’re a tap dancing expert with a knack for data analytics and a champion at competitive hula hoops. Focus on the one area that you know you’re better than the rest in and develop it even more. Everyone needs a hobby, but if it distracts you from your ultimate goal, it’s something you should let go of.

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5. Don’t Look For Approval


We get it, a compliment and nod of approval can transform your day completely. But when we start directing all our actions towards making other people happy, we lose a sense of self. Forget for a moment

about what other people might say. If you feel something is right and you have full confidence in your ability, advocate for it.

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6. Become More Fit


Literally. If you know your lifestyle habits are exactly healthy, stop doing them right now. This isn’t about developing drool worthy abs (but if that’s your goal, then it is). Keeping fit and eating right will not only save you from a dozen health problems in the future, but will also give you more clarity in the present.

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7. Keep Yourself Informed


This might seem like a no brainer, but how many times do you actually read the newspaper? Or buy a book that will help you professionally? The best investment you can ever make, is in yourself. Read more books, attend more talks and have healthy discussions if

you want to really understand your area of interest.

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8. Work For Your Dreams


If you believe destiny will give you your due, wake up. The world is full of ambitious, highly skilled people and if you don’t work for it, success is going to fly past you completely. Adopt a more practical (albeit pessimistic) approach and believe that there is nothing out there which will fulfil your ambitions unless you don’t aggressively pursue them.

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9. Think Long Term


Your boring 9-5 job might be paying the bills for now, but what about ten years into the future? If you definitely don’t see yourself doing the same job in the long run, then it’s time for you to chart an escape plan. Where do you want to be, how will you get there and when

will you reach? Answer these questions for yourself and you’ll soon be able to see your dreams materialize.

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10. Don’t Compare Yourself


Before you go out fully pumped up to chase your dreams, examine what your dreams are in the first place. Are they things that you are truly passionate about or are they just generic goals you feel you must achieve in order to be happy? Don’t compare your version of success to anyone else’s. Separate your real dreams from the rest and work only towards them.