7 Interesting Things Pregnant Women Do When Alone

When a pregnant woman is not worried, she turns weird. By weird, we mean the strange things that she loves to do when she is all by herself.

Aren’t those personal moments liberating when you do whatever you want to—discover yourself when nobody is looking, pull out your favorite food from the fridge to satiate your cravings and so much more! Indulging in self when everything is changing inside and outside feels a lot different.


Here are 7 things that expectant moms admit to doing when alone.

1. Checking Herself In The Mirror

A mirror is our best friend and our worst enemy—it impresses us by showing us our curves and put us off when displaying our acne. It also holds a woman’s gaze when she looks at her changing body, her protruding belly, her fuller breasts, and her hairline.


The mirror reflects her glowing self and her lustrous hair, which the pregnancy hormones offer an expectant woman.

2. Gorging When No One Is Watching

It is tiring to hear the advice on food habits coming from all directions during pregnancy—eat the greens, dairy for proteins, don’t miss on the iron and fiber. Sadly, the health benefits of eating chocolates, ice-creams, pizzas and all the good tasting things are next to nil. However, once in a time, eating out of the diet chart is alright.


When no one is around and the fridge is your direct sight—which lady can refuse to binge on food. Midnight cravings can be quickly and quietly attended to.

3. Caressing Her Belly

Moms instinctively wish to feel that they are carrying a baby and it is real in every sense. Before the baby kicks are evident, it is just their expanding belly that they can touch, and so they do. A moms ‘me time’ involves caressing the belly over and over again. It is soothing for her and also helps her bond with her unborn baby.


4. Wishing To Wear The Old Clothes

A wardrobe change is painful when your clothes don’t fit you anymore. Pregnant moms often fear they won’t be able to get back to their old selves after delivery. Though it does get difficult, it isn’t impossible. Still, moms secretly get anxious when they think about their previously fitting clothes, which would fit them no more.

5. Searching For The Troubles Online

Moms have the urge to know more about what happens during pregnancy. It is one thing that is happening to them right now and they should know it all—which includes constantly reading about the potential risks and complications encountered during pregnancy. The deeper they go, the frightening it gets. Assumptions without the guidance of doctor can invite worries and anxiety—something that moms already develop during pregnancy.


Googling about a symptom, associating it with a condition and, then, worrying about it is one thing that every parent ends up doing these days.

6. Sleeping When It Pleases Them

Moms might just lie down for a minute and next moment they are fast asleep. With a growing belly, often, there are times that sleep doesn’t come easy—they fear sleeping on the wrong side, or have to wake up many times a night to pee. Fatigue also catches up with a pregnant lady like an irritating company. Amid all this, if she finds a little solitude, there is no reason she would say no to a nap.


7. Doing Whatever She Wishes To

She will do it as it pleases her—she will instruct her partner to get her strange combinations of food or ask for a foot massage. She will be childish asking for a hug and a kiss and will cry her heart out if her partner doesn’t leave her the last piece of pizza. She will wear her partner’s comfy clothes and get anxious because hers don’t fit her anymore. Above all, she will do what she wants to and not care what the world says.

A mother does love to spend some time all by herself. However, she also looks forward to a company—a person who can offer compassion and care and lend an ear to let out her fears, anxieties and her emotions while she goes through the transformation into motherhood.