10 Things We Can Learn From Animals

Animals have a way of telling us great things without needing to use language. After all, our pets are part of our families and a large part of our lives too. From long lines of ants in our houses to the wild beasts of the forest, every animal out there can teach us something about life and love, if only we open ourselves up to listen to them. Sometimes, animals can teach us lessons that even most human beings cannot, and change us for the better in so many ways.

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1. Living In The Present


Human beings are the only creatures that are able to shuttle between the past, the present and the future in their minds, and while it can be a great gift sometimes, animals are able to stay in the present completely. In fact, most people have no idea how to actually be present in the present, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Studies have shown that mindfulness (which makes an effort to keep you in the present moment) has a significantly positive effect on the brain and our overall health. Looks like the animals have been getting it right all along!

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2. Forgiveness


Animals are able to move past any wrongdoing done to them and forgive others quickly. If you have a dog, you know that no matter how many times you might have scolded him or been rude to him, he always comes back to make you smile. Their loyalty and ability to forgive makes them wonderful pets to have around us. We may feel like we cannot forgive some people because of how they have treated us, but practicing forgiveness helps us to heal and move on. Staying angry can only hurt us, and no one else.

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3. Importance Of Play


In our world of work and deadlines, we’ve forgotten the benefits of playing. Being serious and stressed out all the time is bad for both our physical and mental health, but playing lets us reconnect with carefree glee, better health and mental peace again. Cats, bunnies and dogs are all pets that find new ways to play every day, and can lead us by example.

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4. Importance Of Sleep


Sleep and play are just as important as each other to live a healthy lifestyle. Animals roll over and fall asleep as soon as they are tired, and while they don’t have deadlines and jobs to worry about, they still teach us that sleep is a vital part of being alive. Sleeping is also a really enjoyable and relaxing activity, helping to replenish and heal the body for a new day.

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5. Persistence


Animals are persistent about their activities. If a cat is chasing a lizard for example, she will do everything she can to capture it until she knows that it’s physically impossible for her to climb the walls. If we are this persistent about reaching our goals, we would certainly be able to succeed. However, just like a cat, we also need to know when to give up and move on to the next goal.

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6. Cohesion


Many animals eat, sleep and travel together in packs or groups, and this is always beneficial for the individuals. A troop of monkeys stay together and take care of each other, a swarm of bees work well enough to build a hive and home together, a colony of ants gather enough food for the whole group. There are so many other examples, but the cohesiveness and community among the animals teaches us the power of working together for a better future for everyone.

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7. Empathy


So many animals can sense when we are feeling down, and come to console us. Dogs are one of the most empathetic creatures for example, and when we create a strong bond with them, they are able to understand and care for us in ways that might sometimes surprise us. Being more empathetic toward friends, family and even strangers can make the world a kinder place, and animals already seem to know this.

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8. Instincts Matter


In humans, rational thought is usually chosen over listening to instincts and bodily senses. However, animals rely on their instincts and senses almost completely to get them through their lives. The reason instincts still exist for humans is because they play an important part, and by giving them more attention, we can get a better picture of what is going on around us. Relying on rationality alone is just as bad as relying on instincts alone, but a good balance between both can be extremely beneficial for all of us.

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9. Living In Harmony


In a forest, there are millions of different species all living together in harmony. Even a lion that needs its prey is kind and caring toward other animals when it isn’t hungry. Though survival is a part of life everywhere, it doesn’t mean that living in harmony cannot exist. This is a vital lesson that human beings need to learn, especially right now when intolerance is being exercised so freely.

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10. Unconditional Love


Animals are able to feel unconditional love for their own as well as human beings, especially creatures like dogs and horses. There are times when we feel the same for our animals, but we tend to put conditions on the love we feel for our fellow humans. If we can love each other as we love our animals, and as animals love us, imagine how much better the world can be!