10 Swaps To Make Your Afternoon Snacks Tastier (And Healthier)

Snack time is something we all look forward to, especially when you feel the need for munching on something yummy a few hours after lunch. There is nothing wrong in snacking, given you choose to consume the right stuff to console your hungry, and persistently bored belly.

Some Things To Keep In Mind When You Do This:

Your snacks have to be the right mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
They should be able to keep you full for a longer time so that you don’t crave junk food.

Here are 10 swaps you could try out to make your snack time fun and healthy

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1. Smoothie Instead Of Coffee


Yes, we know coffee is an important factor of your afternoon snack. But it is also extremely unhealthy when consumed in large quantities. Why not swap your afternoon coffee with a fresh fruit or berry smoothie. It is yummy, rich in fiber and antioxidants, and will also keep you full until dinner time.

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2. Energy Balls Instead Of Chocolate


Yes, chocolate is divine, but too much of it could have an impact on your midsection and rear end. Why not make some yummy energy balls with oats, dry fruits, nuts, and berries? They will fill you up easily and provide you with countless vitamins and minerals.

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3. Popcorn Instead Of Potato Chips


Potato chips are usually the first thing you grab when you feel a snack-attack coming up. Why not resort to plain, salted popcorn instead? You can pop the kernels at home for best results. Try to stay away from flavored popcorn as they tend to have countless sugars and fats in them.

[vs slide=”4″ slide_title=”Chia Pudding Instead Of Frozen Yogurt”]

4. Chia Pudding Instead Of Frozen Yogurt


You may think frozen yogurt is the answer to all your snacking woes- they are low on fat, and yummy. Or so you thought. The different flavors that are added to these yogurts are packed with complex sugars and trans-fats. How about switching to some creamylicious chia pudding instead- it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, and protein.

[vs slide=”5″ slide_title=”Fruit Milkshake Instead Of Ice Cream”]

5. Fruit Milkshake Instead Of Ice Cream


An occasional ice cream is no big a deal, but if turns into a habit, then you better switch to a healthier snack. Whip up a frozen fruit milkshake and top it off with some berries and nuts for a healthier and yummier snack.

[vs slide=”6″ slide_title=”Lettuce Cups Instead Of Crackers”]

6. Lettuce Cups Instead Of Crackers


Eating crackers along with a dip, or with some kind of filling is a personal favorite of many. But they are high in sodium and could take your blood pressure levels for a toss if not consumed in moderation. Why not ditch those crackers and load some lettuce cups with all the goodies you love- boiled eggs, tuna, tomatoes, potatoes, peanuts, avocado etc.

[vs slide=”7″ slide_title=”Whole Grain Varieties Instead Of Bread, Bagel And Muffins”]

7. Whole Grain Varieties Instead Of Bread, Bagel And Muffins


Everyone loves bread, bagels, and muffins, but face it- they are full of carbs. Try switching to wholegrain or multi-grain varieties of everything you love for a healthier experience.

[vs slide=”8″ slide_title=”Potato Salad Instead Of French Fries”]

8. Potato Salad Instead Of French Fries


Though french fries is the best form of potato man has ever created, it is not exactly on the healthier side. Instead of snacking on these greasy, golden fingers, go for some potato salad. It is healthier, comparatively low on calories, and will keep you stuffed longer.

[vs slide=”9″ slide_title=”Apple Instead Of Cheese For Your Cracker”]

9. Apple Instead Of Cheese For Your Cracker


Cheese and crackers are so yummy that you can hardly stop once you have opened up a packet. Do the same with apples and your body will soon thank you for it. A single apple can make up for about 17 percent of your daily fiber requirement.

[vs slide=”10″ slide_title=”Almonds Instead Of Snack Bars”]

10. Almonds Instead Of Snack Bars


You may think protein bars are healthy for you, but the minutes they have chocolate added to them, they stop becoming healthy and more fattening. Your best bet would be to replace these bars with a handful of almonds- they are delicious, filling, and packed with omega-3 fatty acids.