10 Surprising New Uses Of Avocado Pits

With a growing consciousness of food sustainability, many people are trying to repurpose previously neglected parts of the plant. Celery leaves, carrot stalks, drumstick flowers, each of them is having its moment in the sun. When a fruit costs as much as an avocado does, it makes even more sense to put every little bit of it to use. So, if you’re looking to minimize wastage, here are 10 ways you can use an avocado pit.

1. Plant An Avocado Tree


Have we mentioned avocados are incredibly expensive? Save the pit and you could plant a tree that could give you years of free avocados. It takes a little more effort to grow an avocado tree than usual, but you’ll be thankful you did when you’re enjoying your homegrown guacamole.

2. An Unconventional Seasoning


Dry an avocado seed for a week and then grate it over sauces to add a new flavor. These seeds usually have a bitter taste that can make your recipes more tangy and leave your taste buds wanting more. In fact, the traditional Mexican enchilada recipe calls for a teaspoon of grated seed to be added for an authentic taste.

3. DIY Face Scrub


At some point during our thrifty teen years, most of us have had an apricot seed scrub. Now that you have an avocado pit on hand, you can use it in almost the same way. Grind it to a fine powder (any coarse particles will leave tears), mix with olive oil and buff away all your dry skin.

4. Mix It With Your Shampoo


Avocado pits can help you counteract the harsh effects of commercial shampoos. The seed has many of the nutrients that the fruit does, which can keep your hairy shiny and soft. To make your own avocado pit shampoo, grate a few pits with adequate water, bring to a simmer and when it cools down, mix it with a little bit of your shampoo.

5. Keep Guacamole Fresh

5-keep-your-dips- fresh

Keeping an avocado pit inside a bowl of guacamole can keep the mixture fresh for much longer. No one is entirely sure why, but some suggest that it might be because the seed releases preserving nutrients into the guacamole and keeps the flavor intact. Whatever the reason may be, just make sure to remove the pit before serving or you might have a guest choke at your party. You don’t want to bring out the Heimlich maneuver!

6. Sprinkle It Into Your Salads


Sure everybody worships the avocado pulp as the ultimate superfood, but what about the poor seed? Avocado pits are actually just as nutrient-packed as the fruit itself. They have cancer-busting antioxidants, keep your skin glowing and reduce inflammation. Of course, we’re not suggesting you swallow the pit whole. Grinding it and adding a bit of it into your food works too.

7. Add It Into Your Smoothies


If you’re constantly on the prowl to find more beneficial additives for your smoothies, you might want to preserve the avocado pit. Sprinkling some of the grated pit into your smoothies will make it smoother and creamier, while also enhancing the taste. Keep it to just half a teaspoon, though, because anything more will have your face contorting from the tartness.

8. It’s A Natural Dye


We swear we’re not making this up. Avocado seeds can make a great, long-lasting natural dye. And the color it gives out isn’t green either. It’s the most beautiful, soft, baby pink. So, if you’re looking at a non-toxic way to dye your own material, boil the skin and pits until they release their pink color, add a little ammonia and soak the cloth until you’re happy with the saturation.

9. Gift Them


One man’s trash is another one’s treasure, right? Paint the pits, cover them with gold leaf or sketch markings over them. Because they’re so smooth and round, avocado pits lend themselves very well to all your craftiness. They can be used as paperweights or curios and make for great personalized gifts.

10. Brew It


Brew halved avocado pits in hot water to make a strong tea that will immediately relieve you from tummy aches and indigestion. Because of its nutrient content, avocado seed tea is also an excellent health beverage.