10 Surprising Benefits Contained Within A Mustard Seed

Open any Indian recipe book and the first step almost always is to sprinkle a few mustard seeds in oil. It might be ubiquitous in Indian cuisine, but there are plenty of reasons for you to include a good spoonful of mustard seeds into your own food. Apart from the unique flavor it imparts to any dish, mustard is also an amazing way to keep your body healthy. Here are a few health benefits you can gain by including more mustard into your diet.

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1. Relieves Constipation


Mustard seeds contain a thick sticky substance called mucilage which coats your intestines and makes the journey for your stools a lot easier. It improves your body’s ability to excrete waste and prevents you from feeling any discomfort. It also contains insoluble fibers which are just as important for healthy bowels.


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2. Fight Skin Infections Naturally



The pungent smell of mustard comes from the compound sulfur present in it. Sulfur works from the inside out to fight infections and keep your skin clear. A teaspoonful of mustard seeds sprinkled over your food is potent enough to keep you blemish-free.

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3. Reduces Symptoms Of Chronic Asthma


Asthma is a serious chronic condition that can hamper many aspects of your life. Mustard seeds however have several compounds within them that can make living with asthma a whole lot easier. Selenium and magnesium are present in abundance in mustard seeds and they can fight inflammation of the respiratory pathways and decrease congestion.


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4. Boosts Your Metabolism



A fast metabolism is the best tool you can develop to lose weight and keep it off. Mustard seeds are packed with a host of B-complex vitamins which can help speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster. They’re also incredibly versatile to use, so no matter what diet you’re on, there’s always a way to add mustard seeds.

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5. Increases Your Hair Density


Which one of us doesn’t dream of flaunting thick, shiny hair? Mustard oil contains beta-carotenes which can stimulate hair growth by encouraging new follicles to develop. The oil contains several other nutrients like iron, magnesium and fatty acids, all of which are beneficial to hair growth. You could cook with a spoon of this oil or apply it topically on your hair to reap its benefits.

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6. Reduces The Frequency Of Migraines


Anyone who has suffered from a bad migraine knows the agony it can cause. Studies have shown that low levels of magnesium in the body could be a trigger for migraines. Mustard seeds contain large quantities of magnesium. Regularly including them in your diet could keep the risk of magnesium deficiency at bay and protect you from another migraine episode.

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7. Protects You From Cancer


Who knew such a tiny seed could have such an astounding quality? Mustard seeds have powerful phytonutrients which protect cells from damage. Studies have observed that regular intake of sufficient quantities of mustard seeds not only slow down the growth of tumors, but also prevents cells from mutating in the first place.

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8. Healthy Cooking Oil Alternative


Cooking with mustard oil is much healthier than using other vegetable oils which are high in Omega-6. Mustard oils have a healthier balance of Omega-3s, which can reduce cholesterol and keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Be aware though, mustard oil can smell a lot stronger than other oils you are used to. It also has a very distinct taste, so it might take you some time to get used to it.

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9. Relieves Muscle Soreness


If you’re suffering from muscle pain or have frequent body aches due to chronic diseases, a mustard bath might be the way to go. It might not sound very appealing, but adding some mustard powder into a hot bath and soaking in it for a while could bring you some relief from your pains. Mustard might not be as sweet smelling as bath salts, but trust us, it’s much more effective.

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10. Keeps You Looking Younger


Mustard seeds are packed with a heady cocktail of anti-ageing vitamins like A, C and K, which can keep premature signs of ageing at bay. It also contains healthy fats which helps your skin retain its moisture. In addition, they contain several antioxidants which can fight off free radicals and protect your skin from oxidative damage.