The 10 Step Growth Ladder Of Your Baby’s First Year

Watching your baby grow, you might just smile out of amazement, thinking how fast they grow up. The moment you held them for the first time seems like only yesterday. All this your baby has subtly been achieving the first ever milestones of his life.

1. Your Baby’s First Smile

You might take initial facial expressions for a smile. However, your baby will only reward you with that priceless curve at around 2 months of age. At that instant, they might extend that casual grin into a full toothless smile, and you will be in complete awe looking adorably at your munchkin.


2. That First Burst Of Laughter

Baby laughs are extremely contagious! Tickling your baby and making silly faces at them might bring out a bout of laughter when they are 4 months old. They love laughing as much as you love watching them. So, leave no opportunity, enjoy that giggle.

3. Sleeping Like A Human

Your baby will finally follow a normal sleep schedule, well, most of the time. Once they get accustomed to the difference between day and night, many babies sleep throughout the night. The days when you won’t have to wake up in the dead of the night to soothe them to sleep might arrive between 4-6 months.


4. Sitting Upright

Sitting independently is a big milestone for your baby. They can sit without support and grab toys around them. At around 6 months they might start using their hands for support or lean on things around them—by 7-9 months they learn to sit steadily.

5. Learning To Crawl

When they get accustomed to sitting, the next thing for your baby to learn is to crawl. You might notice them reaching out for toys that are further away from them. Crawling begins with being on tummy and, then, learning to push further. By 8-9 months, your baby might reach places. You must take an extra care and make your house baby-safe.


6. Waving Bye-Bye

People meeting your baby might greet them goodbye and wave at them. Would they respond by waving back? Probably, by 9 months of age. That is the time, they will figure out linking sounds and gestures.

7. Finger-Licking The Food

As their hands develop a sense of awareness, they might want to explore everything around through touch and taste. This is when you will find them exploring every other thing by putting it in their mouth. Babies will start eating solid and semi-solid foods by 9-12 months. This is when they will shun the spoon and aim for the bowl with their fingers.


8. Standing Up

The curiosity to reach out will urge your baby to stand up! At first, they will take the support of nearby things and move around, trying to lift themselves up—this is called cruising. You will see your baby practice cruising when they are around 12 months old. Walking might take another month or a few more weeks.

9. The First Step

This is the magical moment for parents when they find their babies taking their first wobbly step. While you are ready to catch hold in the case of a fall, they might learn to stoop down when things get shaky. Some children learn to walk early, others take a little more time—this period may be between 9-17 months.


10. Speaking The First Word

Hearing your baby say ‘Mama’ ‘Dada’ is a pleasure to the senses! They may have already started with their ‘gaga-googoos’, and imitating their parents. Speaking will come to them around the time when they would turn one.

Your baby will grow faster than you anticipate. With frequent growth spurts withing a year, it won’t be long before you find yourself chasing your baby running around the house. Cherish these moments, they won’t stay this little for a long time.