10 Simple Tips For Busy Moms To Free More “Me” Time.

10 Simple Tips For Busy Moms To Free More Me Time.
10 Simple Tips For Busy Moms To Free More Me Time.

Being a mom can be hard. You’re a chef, fashion consultant, doctor, seamstress, maid, and who knows how many other hats you wear during your day! It’s no wonder that being healthy and taking care of yourself can be on the back burner!


10 Tips to help you stay Healthy while keeping up your pace:

  1. Plan your meals!
    By planning out your meals, you can go to the grocery store once a week. This saves a lot of time, plus it takes the guesswork out of what you’re having for dinner for the week. Sit down with coupons, recipes, and a pad of paper. List all of the days of the week that you are planning meals for. Start first with what you’re going to make, then start on the shopping list. Go through your cupboards, fridge, and freezer first to make sure you don’t buy something you already have on hand. Once you have your meals planned, start on your shopping list.
  2. Prep your meals and snacks.
    After you go grocery shopping, set aside all of the items that can be prepped ahead of time. For example, cutting up vegetables and fruit, measuring out rice, etc. This makes cooking really easy when it’s time for dinner. Also prep some snacks as well. Fresh fruit, cheese cubes, and more can be prepped ahead of time for an easy on-the-go snack.
  3. Get your family involved.
    When it comes to planning meals & cooking, get your family involved and you will be surprised how they are more likely to try new food items. It gives them a sense of ownership. There are some things that kids may not be able to do, but use your own intuition on what to allow your kids to help you with.
  4. Start a small garden!
    It doesn’t have to be massive, but even having an herb garden is a fun, inexpensive way to add some fresh items to your meals. Kids will also enjoy watching different fruits and veggies grow. Having them help in the garden also gives them a sense of ownership and gives them a skill they’ll use for many seasons.
  5. Be the Idol.
    Be the example you want your kids to follow when it comes to being healthy. If you are constantly reaching for ice cream, cookies, or other junk food items, they are going to do the same. Stick with healthy snacks and be amazed when your kids follow your lead.
  6. Stay hydrated.
    Drinking water means you do not end up drinking your calories! Even sugar free, diet drinks can lead to weight gain. Stick with water, coconut water, and tea for healthy beverages. If you are missing carbonation, try sparkling water with fresh cut fruit or veggies in it like strawberries or cucumbers.
  7. Find fun filled Exercise routines.
    Find fun, family activities that can also double as exercise that you can do with your family. This can be a game of kickball at the park, a bike ride around some local trails, hiking in the mountains or more!
  8. Taste it…Enjoy it.
    Slow down and chew your food. Eating as a family will not only help encourage communication, but it forces you to focus on chewing your food.
  9. Know your limits.
    By following tip #8, you’ll be able to sense when you are getting full. Rather than eating until you are 100% full and about to burst, stop when you are 80% full. This gives your stomach some space to digest the food, and gives you all the nutrients that you need.
  10. Eat seasonally.
    Try shopping at a farmer’s market or take advantage of a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Eating seasonally is good for the environment because food does not have to travel as far, but it’s also good for you because the food typically contains more nutrients because it’s fresher!