10 Simple, Quick Lunches To Pack Your Kids For School

Life was so much easier when your little ones were just babies and you could feed them whatever you wanted, without hearing complaints about your cooking or presentation skills. Once your children start going to school, the never ending nightmare of packed lunches begin. You have to focus on the taste, the variety, the cool factor, and the way it is presented in the lunchbox, that too within whatever little time you have left before rushing to work or to your other chores. Here are 10 lunch options that could save your life.

1. Pasta



Pasta is something no kid would refuse to eat. You can cook it in no time, garnish it with veggies and top it off with sauce and oregano. Keep switching the sauces you use from red to white, or vice versa so that your kid does not get bored.

2. Scrambled Vegetables



Most kids and many of the adults hate eating vegetables. But no one can resist them when they are scrambled and sautéed in a delicious way. Chop up some vegetables, add some onions, nuts, and spices and sauté them for a few minutes in olive oil (or any oil of your preference). Top it off with cheese for added taste.

3. Bread Pizza



You will be quite popular with your kids for this amazingly easy-to-prepare dish. Take a few slices of bread, grate some mozzarella or cheddar cheese on each slice, add some tomato slices, chopped onions, and shredded chicken (cooked), and keep it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes.

4. Noodles



Yet another easy, and delicious dish every kid loves to eat. The best part about noodles is how it’s a convenient way to make sure some vegetables go into your little one’s tummy. Grate some butter, or cheese on it and sprinkle few pieces of chicken for added flavor.

5. Omelet



All you need is an egg or two, and all the additional ingredients depending on your child’s taste. You can add butter, cheese, chicken, onions, coriander, pepper, tomatoes, or even capsicum. Add a few slices of bread along with it for a wholesome and delicious meal.

6. Sandwich



Sandwich is a lunch item that holds a sea of possibilities. All you need is four slices of bread and a little something to stuff in between. Switch to whole grain or multi-grain bread for healthier choices. Balance out the sandwiches by rotating the ingredients, mixing veg with non veg, and adding butter and cheese depending on your preferences.

7. Boiled Eggs And Vegetables



Boiled eggs are easy to prepare and yummy to eat. Boil 2-3 eggs, cut them in half, and place some carrot sticks, celery, or tomato slices to balance out the meal. Add a can of fruit juice alongside and you have the perfect lunch.

8. Fruit And Nut Granola


Roast a few cups of nuts your child loves, mix it with chopped, fresh fruit or dry fruits. This mixture can be consumed with milk or yogurt. This is a yummy and healthy way to make sure your little one eats fruits and nuts.

9. Butter And Cheese Toast


Butter a few slices of bread, grate some mozzarella or cheddar cheese onto the bread and make a sandwich. Toast the sandwiches on a saucepan until the bread is golden brown and the cheese has melted. You can even add a few slices of vegetables to make it more interesting.

10. Veg Cutlets


Easy to prepare, yummy, and healthy, you can make veg cutlets with any vegetable you want. Add some cheese along with the stuffing so that it oozes out when your child takes a bite. You can bake it, shallow fry it, or deep fry it according to your preferences and serve it along with a ketchup or mayo dip.