10 Science-Backed Tips To Stop Mindless Eating

Are you one of those people who can’t stop thinking about their next meal? Do you always sit with snacks at your desk? If yes, you are prone to mindless eating, which is also a reason why your weight is towards the higher side on the scale. Let’s talk about how to stop mindless eating, and what happens to you when you snack without a thought 1

1. Keep Your Eyes Open


You look at a dish, and you want to eat it, irrespective of the fact that how full you are from your meal, or last snack. You need keep an eye open on how much have you eaten by looking at your plate for remaining or waste food than mindlessly spooning food into your mouth. Look at all the bones piled on the corner of the table, and you’ll know how many chicken

wings you’ve gobbled down. Have a bowl of soup before your meal, which will make you feel full, and you’ll eat less during and after your meals.

2. Keep It Small


Medium and large meals sound like there’s more of that amazing burger to eat, and fries and coke comes along. But imagine the ways it can ruin your waistline and overall health. Try and go for smaller meals or packages to overcome your problem of overeating.

3. Smaller Plates And Taller Glasses


Various studies show that people eat about 92% of the food that they serve themselves. Helping yourself is a great way to monitor the quantity of food that you eat, and impress your mom. Drink loads of water or fresh juice during your meal, to cut down on amount of food that you eat. Also, smaller plates

make your food look more in quantity, making you serve less.

4. Variety Adds To The Pile


The more variety of food you pile on your plate, the more you eat. Eating a wide variety of flavors in one meal can numb your senses to realize how much have you eaten, until you keep your fork down to realize that you’re stuffed.

5. Keep Some Foods Out Of Sight


If you don’t look at food, you won’t eat them; it’s as simple as that. For example, can you resist those mini chocolates that you eat every time you open your refrigerator? Imagine that these chocolates and candies are not available in your house, or at least is not seen to you. You can cut down on unnecessary munching by just keeping such foods out of your sight.

6. Make It Difficult
To Eat


If eating was a strenuous job to do, if you had to climb many stairs just to grab a bar of chocolate, you’d not eat at all. We all are lazy at times, and that could work as a positive factor in this case. Make it difficult to reach those foods that you eat without a reason and you’ll eat much less snacks.

7. Be A Turtle At Table


In simpler words, eat slow. Eating slowly makes you full and you appreciate the taste and flavor of your dish than people who race to finish their meal. Eating slow also makes you realize how much food is going into your stomach.

8. Turn The TV Off



with your family on the dining table, or if you live alone, stare away from the TV. Not paying attention to what you eat is another reason why you don’t know how much are you eating. You can eat 36% to 71% more food than needed while you watch TV and makes you regret about it later.

9. Choose Your Food Mates Wisely


Friends are very important in life, especially when they are your partner in crime to decide what to eat. Choose your dining companions wisely, or call each of them deciding on the kind of food you want to eat for snacks or dinner? Kale and broccoli for “Netflix and chill”, or beer and nachos over the soccer game tonight, you decide.

10. Eat According To Body Signals


When do we eat food, when we are hungry. This

simple rule will make you eat lesser, and cut all the mindless eating you are in habit of. Wait until you hear your tummy grumble. Eat only when you’re hungry, and you will soon notice the change it’ll bring to your body.