10 Reasons Why You’re Bruising Easily

Are you used to seeing your skin turn black, blue, or red even at the slightest of bumps and nudges? Tired of feeling like a human canvas every time you have a slight fall or get a tight hug? Check out these 10 factors that could help you figure out why you bruise like a peach all the time.

1. If You Have Diabetes


Constant bruising could be a symptom of diabetes. People suffering from diabetes often spot bruises, particularly in areas where skin touches other skin. In reality, these are not real bruises, just a sign of insulin resistance. Next time you spot a bruise, you should probably get your sugar levels tested.

2. If You Are On Certain Medication


Some drugs like oral contraceptives, prednisolone, and prednisone could weaken your blood vessels, heightening your chances to bruise fast. Some other medications like anticoagulant medication, aspirin and antiplatelet agents can bring down your blood’s ability to clot.

3. If It Runs In Your Blood


Sometimes it’s just hereditary. Check if some of your close relative have the same condition as yours. But today, there are many ways in which this can be genetically altered so that it doesn’t pass on to the next generation.

4. If You Are Getting Old


At times age is not just a number- it has a lot to do with your health conditions. Your skin tends to get thinner as you grow old, thus robbing it of the top layers that shield you from falls and bumps. Old age also leads your body to produce less collagen,making your skin and blood vessels weaker and more vulnerable.

5. If You Suffer From Purpuric Dermatosis


This is a disease that is commonly spotted in the elderly. This condition makes blood capillaries weak, causing them to break,resulting in hundreds of tiny bruises popping up on your skin.

6. If You Don’t Take A Break From Those Rigorous Workouts


When it comes to exercising, you should only bite off what you can chew. You are bound to get yourself bruised if you strain your muscles too much. The microscopic tears that are produced in your muscle fibers while exercising, can cause bruises. Even rigorous sports activities can end up bruising you.

7. If You Have A Sunburn


Sunlight is necessary to keep up your body’s vitamin D levels. But too much of it can damage your skin, to the extent of burning it. Such instances can destroy your skin’s protective shield,making it prone to easy bruises.Sun damage also slows down skin repair and makes bruises look more obvious.

8. If You Have Blood Disorders


Bruising can also be a sign of conditions like hemophilia or leukemia. This happens often when your blood fails to clot effectively. If you are someone who keeps getting bruised regularly, it is advised that you take a blood test to rule out such possibilities.

9. If You Have Vitamin C Deficiency


Vitamin C is essential for strong immunity and skin repair. It could be that you have a deficiency of vitamin C if your bruising is constant. Pay your doctor a visit and get yourself checked as vitamin C is very essential for your well being.

10. If You Have Extremely Pale Skin


The color of your skin as it is does not have anything to do with the bruising. But bruises are often very evident on pale skin than on people who are a few shades darker.

Getting yourself bruised once in awhile is quite natural. But you have to be careful if your bruises pop up frequently, particularly if you have not had any specific or traumatic accidents recently. Never hesitate to get yourself checked if you feel that your bruises are abnormal or untimely.