10 Reasons Why Eating Meat, Fish, And Chicken Is Healthy For You

Studies prove how meat has played an essential role in human evolution. Consuming meat has been a part of human nature since the beginning of time, and for a good reason too. Though vegetarians and vegans claim how their diets are healthy, and ‘politically correct’, adding meat to one’s diet has many amazing advantages. Here are 10 reasons why eating meat, fish, and chicken is healthy for your body.

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1. Improves Vision


Meat, fish, and chicken play a vital role in improving your eyesight. Packed with nutrients like vitamin B12, D, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and iron, these foods can effectively enhance your eyesight, and keep your eyes healthy.

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2. Relieves Stress


If you are often stressed out, chicken could be a lifesaver. It can stimulate the feel-good hormones in your body and also calm your nerves with the help of vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic acid.

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3. Improves Skin


True, that many people resort to Ayurvedic remedies to find solutions to their skin problems. But studies have also observed how fish, chicken, and other meats can keep your skin smooth and well moisturized. Vitamins A, B, and D present in meat and fish will prevent your skin from aging and keep it firm and bouncy.

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4. Provides You With Protein


Many vegetarians and vegans are malnourished primarily because they lack protein in their systems. Though grains, fruits, and vegetables can provide them with proteins, the amount supplied by chicken and fish will be much higher. Which means non-vegetarians can eat much lesser than vegetarians and still remain healthier.

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5. Battles Depression


Who knew that a bowl of steaming hot chicken soup is all that it takes to get rid of depression? Due to the abundance of serotonin in chicken, it serves as a great anti-depressant. Consuming a bowl of chicken soup for dinner will make sure you are relaxed and free from negative thoughts.

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6. Prevents Arthritis


A common ailment that take millions of victims for itself every year, arthritis is a painful disease that affects your joints. Science proves how chicken has the ability to prevent arthritis, given the high levels selenium present in it. Selenium is a mineral that keeps your bones healthy and prevents them from withering as you age.

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7. Enhances Immunity


As discussed above, chicken, fish, and other meats are abundant in nutrients vital to our body. One of the main reasons kids fall sick often is due to the lack of chicken in their daily diet. As they are growing, it is important that they consume a balanced diet that would help them grow stronger and faster. Meat, fish, and chicken can also help resolve many immunity disorders faced by adults.

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8. Provides You With B12


You may not think much of it, but vitamin B12 plays a humongous role in keeping you healthy. It is essential for the proper functioning of your brain and nervous system. B12 is also capable of preventing anemia, and enhancing your metabolism. Some of the best sources of B12 include fish, meat, and beef liver.

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9. Provides You With Amino Acids


Amino acids are responsible for regulating the metabolic activities in your body. A deficiency in amino acids could lead to a faulty liver, intestinal disorders, premature aging of skin, and hair loss. Chicken and other meats are the biggest sources of amino acids that you could ever come across.

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10. Stabilizes Blood Sugar


Consuming chicken and other meats could help control your blood sugar levels, which in turn can prevent many serious diseases, including type 2 diabetes. Additionally, meat can stimulate satiety, which would prevent you from craving junk food. Which means meat can not only control your blood sugar levels, but also your appetite and body fat.