11 Natural Rituals To Cleanse Your Home Of Negative Energy

In Feng Shui, it is believed that wherever our energy levels are at peak, i.e., where we feel like we can let go, feel free and positive, and are at ease, are the places with the best energy. But if we don’t feel that way, it means the energy gets blocked; so we feel blocked and negative too. These places leave you feeling lazy, uninspired, frustrated, and just off.

In such situations, it may be wise to take a page from those ancients and practice space cleansing and clearing rituals. This helps revitalize the energy of that place, makes you feel rejuvenated, and removes any energy blocks or stagnating negativity that is looming around you.

Some rituals like these included burning a stick of sage, which spread a smog of ions that turn the depressing air in the place into an uplifting one. Given here are some more herbs to try and purify the energy at home.

Caution: Make sure you keep the windows open in any place you practice these rituals and do not leave any of the rituals that require burning unattended.

1. For Decluttering, Burn Cedar


Burning cedar helps release any negative energy or bad vibes. An example of such vibes could be of when when getting rid of old clothing or things associated with bad memories.

Burning cedar can represent clearing the space of any lingering energy associated with the objects that once occupied that space. Even when getting new things or antiques, you can burn and wave the cedar near the objects to remove the looming vibes of the previous owner.

2. For Purification, Burn Resins


Some of these resins can be frankincense and myrrh, which were used as natural purifiers in some ancient cultures. The resin is hard to burn, so light the tip of a bit of charcoal with a match or lighter and put it on a nonflammable surface like sand or a ceramic or clay bowl, tile, or plate. Once the charcoal gets a little flame going, put some resin on top of it, but be VERY careful when doing so and don’t burn yourself.

The smog from the frankincense is believed to carry the wishes of those in this world to the spiritual realm, help quieten the mind for meditation. It also has an antibacterial effect.

Burning myrrh, on the other hand, helps the mind focus, balances the energy centers in the body, and has some medicinal effects too.

3. For Prosperity, Burn Palo Santo


This sacred wood comes from the Palo Santo tree found in abundance on the South American coast lines. Native shamans used it ritualistically to spread love and prosperity by eliminating the negative energy in the air.

This wood burns quite slowly and gives out a forest or woody aroma, which motivates positive feelings and attracts good energy.

4. For Clarity, Burn Tibetan Monastery Incense


This incense is made using about 38 Himalayan herbs and infusions and is believed to have an in-depth purification effect in the area it is burnt in, which creates a sense of calmness and serenity like the energy in a meditation hall.

5. For Grounding Yourself, Burn Sandalwood


This strong but earthy aromatic wood can be an acquired taste but does wonders in instantly centering the good energies of a room and grounding a troubled mind with its mystical scent.

6. For Ease And Comfort, Burn Juniper


If you’re not feeling at ease and need something to help relax your shoulders, unwind, and feel comfortable, burn some juniper in that space to help promote a general sense of personal space, solace, and energy.

7. For Loving Aura, Burn Yerba Santa


Burnt to appease broken hearts in traditional ancient cultures, Yerba Santa can be burnt in a room where people spend the most time and help dispel any hate, awkwardness, or bad blood caused by relationship troubles. It instills more care and love within a person and between people.

8. For New Beginnings, Burn Rosemary


A common ingredient in traditional casseroles, turkey, and more, rosemary is burnt usually when making a fresh start in life or trying to begin something new. This can be for being more creative, forming a new habit or breaking an old one, and going on an old or new journey, which bolsters a person with a sense of confidence and assurance to go for it, thanks to its powerful fragrance.

9. For Fantasy Visions At Night, Burn Mugwort


This sounds like something that came out of a Harry Potter book! Mugwort’s effects are just as magical, especially if burnt in your bedroom before going to sleep, as it is said to induce and provoke fantastical and adventurous dreams, even lucid ones.

10. For A Sense of Inner Peace, Light A Himalayan Salt Lamp


For those who can’t burn things, this is your option; you’ll just be lighting a lamp. Himalayan salt lamps, once lit, emit this soothing peach glow and are known to remove negative ions in the air to create an overall sense of tranquility. They are perfect for offices, homes, and especially on your bedside table to bust any stress, for a good night’s sleep.

11. For Overall Elemental Cleansing, Use Four Elements


If you’d like to try an elemental purification of any space, using the best of the four elements, burn a candle, keep a bowl of rock salt and a glass of water, light any incense you like, and place them all next to each other in a room.

After doing this, carry on any form of cleaning activity you need to do in the room, such as sweeping, mopping etc., as it symbolically cleanses the room of bad energies too.

For each of these, crack open a window and let in some fresh air, sunshine, or moonlight for better natural enrichment.