10 Legit Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

Feeling blue today? It’s not uncommon. The weekend is a glorious time of fun and relaxation, which makes going back to work on Monday that much harder. The start of the workweek can bring on a serious case of sadness. But hey! Monday’s don’t have to bring us down in the dumps. Stop scowling! Follow these 10 simple steps to beat the blues and greet the new week like it’s Friday night.

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1. Grow Some Green


Keeping a plant on your desk can bring some much-needed life and color into an otherwise dreary workspace. When people complete computer work in the presence of plants, they report feeling less stressed. Having a plant around will help lower blood pressure levels. And we all know, less stress means more productivity.


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2. Take Advantage Of Time Off



If you work on the weekend, by Monday you’ll feel like you didn’t have break and dread going back to the office. It’s extremely important for your physical and mental health to decompress, relax, and have fun on your off days. So, enjoy your weekend and be thoughtful about your plans.

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3. Say “Ommm”


A five- or ten-minute meditation in the middle of your workday can work wonders. Meditation shrinks the brain’s fear center, called the amygdala. As a result, you experience less anxiety and worry. Find a quiet place, close your eyes and take three very slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. When around five minutes are up, head back to work refreshed and revived.


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4. Get Organized



You may want to take a look at the physical organization of your desk and office. A cluttered environment increases stress level. Get what you can off of your desk and organized into drawers. Anything that’s left out should be organized too.

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5. Smile More


Even if it’s forced, it will benefit you to smile. The mere act of smiling improves peoples’ moods and helps them recoup from stressful events faster than if they stay straight-faced.

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6. Plug In Your Headphones


Music impacts your mood, so choosing to listen to a song that you enjoy can put a smile on your face even if you are having the dreariest of days. Listening to tunes can curb biological markers of stress, including increased heart rate, high blood pressure and wonky cortisol levels.

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7. Ease Tight Muscles


By eliminating some of the physical stress of sitting hunched over a computer screen all day, you might be able to nix your blues, too. If you are sedentary throughout the day, practice the following. Sit up tall at the edge of your chair and your legs spread apart. Position your feet on the floor so that they are turned out slightly. Then, roll your pelvis forward and slightly arch your low back so that your chest tilts up. With your arms down at your sides, rotate your hands so that your palms face forward. Separate your fingers and extend your thumbs so that they point behind you. Hold this position while taking 10 deep belly breaths.

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8. Pop A Probiotic


Bacteria does your body a lot of good. Taking a probiotic supplement can improve mood. Good bacteria’s ability to lower inflammation and increase levels of feel-good serotonin may have something to do with it.

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9. Watch A Cat Video


Watching silly cat videos makes you happy. Its can improve your mood and energy levels. And even if you’re YouTubing when you “should” be working, the mental boost will pay off by making you more productive later on.

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10. Look At The Rest Of Your Week


Most Mondays blues-ers tend to perk up once they get back into the swing of things, be it by the afternoon or hump day. After all, it’s not necessarily the work, but the transition from weekend to work that is bringing them down. If, however, you dread work every day, not just Monday, something job-related is likely the cause.