10 Japanese Beauty Secrets The World Ought To Know

Japanese women are considered to be some of the most elegant and healthiest in the world. Find out what the secret of their eternal beauty is.

Ever wondered how Japanese women manage to look so fresh and young all the time? Even when they are 30, they look 13! Their smooth complexions are to die for. And we always tend to fall in love with their long, healthy, lustrous locks. Yes, most of it has to do with their genes, but the diets and beauty rituals they follow so religiously play a vital role too. Here are some beauty tips from Japan that would revolutionize your beauty regimen.

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1. Rice, Your New Best Friend


Rice not only keeps you healthy and keeps your weight under check, but also has many beauty benefits. It is said that Geisha used to bath in water that was used to cook rice to help smoothen their hair and skin. Known to be a powerful antioxidant, rice keeps your skin young and protects it from UV radiation. If you want a flawless complexion then rice is your ultimate solution.

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2. Minimalism Is The Key


The Japanese are known for the their love for minimalism. The women in Japan keep up this love even during their beauty rituals. Simplicity is the best answer for a healthy skin. Ditch all the unnecessary cosmetics, declutter your dressing table and bathroom, and stick to minimal skin care products. The beauty gurus in Japan swear by the morning- cleanse-and-lotion formula.

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3. Green Tea All The Way


Japanese believe that you can never have too much green tea. The lovely ladies in Japan not only drink green tea to detox their systems, but even apply it on their skin to fight acne and dark spots. The Japanese green tea, Matcha is known to contain antioxidants that match up to the power of ten cups of green tea. They even have green tea milkshakes, ice creams, and chocolate!

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4. Oil Yourself Well


Most of you tend to stay away from oil fearing clogged pores and acne. But it shouldn’t be so. You skin requires to be oiled well once in a while to keep it loaded with essential minerals. Japanese women, especially the Geisha are known to have used Camellia oil to remove their make up and nourish their hair. Camellia oil is known to cleanse the skin and keep it healthy and bouncy.

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5. Lotion Masks


This is yet another tradition that the Geisha used to follow. They used to dip pieces of kimono silk in flower water and leave it on their faces, allowing the facial skin to soak up all the goodness of the flower. This unique skincare regime is practiced in Japan increasingly even today, with the help cotton wool and preferred skin lotions or lotion mask kits.

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6. Stick To Minimal Makeup


Japanese ladies in general tend to go easy on makeup. They believe that focusing on skin care is more important than covering one’s flaws with cosmetics, and it makes perfect sense. They choose their skin care products wisely and stay away from brands that have too many chemicals in them. They depend on makeup only to enhance their natural beauty, not to create an illusion of beauty.

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7. Cleansing Is Important


An important part of the Japanese beauty regime is cleansing. Instead of splurging on ridiculously expensive night creams or beauty serums, they choose to invest in effective cleansers. The best way to keep your skin healthy is by choosing a cleanser that would suit your skin perfectly. If you don’t cleanse properly at night, you will witness its after effects in the morning. Cleansing is inevitable, especially if you wear too much makeup.

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8. Baths Are Super Special


Bathing is considered a ritual in Japan. Japanese houses are known to have beautiful bathtubs and the streets are filled with ‘Onsen’ or public bathhouses. Japanese women focus on scrubbing from head to toe with exfoliating cleansers while they take baths, resulting in clear, healthy skin all over. These baths also help them de-stress and forget about all their troubles.

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9. If You Can’t Ingest It, Then Don’t Apply It On Your Skin


An interesting beauty rule in Japan is that you cannot put something on your skin if you can’t eat it. It’s a simple and healthy practice that helps women from using harmful chemicals on their skin. Japanese women believe that anything that would end up poisoning them if they eat it is bound to be bad for their skin too- and it definitely seems to work well!

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10. Believe More Inner Beauty


Most importantly, the Japanese believe that beauty comes from within, and that hidden beauty is more mesmerizing and appealing. The happiness you feel from within when you eat your favorite meal, when being in love, when you are wearing something that makes you feel strong and confident- all these contribute to your external beauty. Basically, you have to feel good on the inside to look good on the outside.