10 Inspiring Health And Fitness Quotes To Help You Stay On Track

So, the chances are that you resolved to eat healthy and exercise more (yet again) this New Year and all your motivation has dried up by now; your resolution seems like a pipe dream (yet again). It takes real hard work to stay on track when you are trying to get fit, and sometimes you need a little push to get yourself going. Here are some awesome quotes that will give you all the inspiration you need to get your ass back on that treadmill.

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1. A Quick Run A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away


Or a brisk walk or any kind of movement that involves moving your body! Your body needs its daily dose of physical activity to stay trim and fit.


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2. Consistency Is The Key



The secret to a well-functioning body is not hidden in pills or magic potions. You have to keep working towards it every day. Fitness is something you cannot build overnight.

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3. Procrastination Will Get You Nowhere


Pushing your fitness goals to the future is never a wise move. You never know when an illness would strike you. Now is the time to begin.


[vs slide=”4″ slide_title=”You Can Eat A Lot, But Over A Long Time”]

4. You Can Eat A Lot, But Over A Long Time



Do you love eating? Then make sure you live a long, healthy life to eat everything you’ve ever wanted to. Overeating is never gonna get you anywhere, unless your destination is ‘fat’.

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5. Staying In Shape Is A Choice, But How You Do It Is Not


It is not like all people who are in shape love working out. They do it because there are no shortcuts to a fabulous body. No pain, no gain, right?

[vs slide=”6″ slide_title=”When Heights Are Not So Scary”]

6. When Heights Are Not So Scary


You know you HAVE to buck up and start taking better care of your body when you start getting thicker around the middle. Humans are only supposed to grow wider vertically, horizontally not so much!

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7. You Need To Have your Priorities Sorted


Your health is precious to you whether you realize it or not. Eating right and exercising will come easily to you the minute you realize this fact. Everything falls into place when you have identified all the stuff the really matter in life.

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8. Take Baby Steps


You cannot achieve a healthy body overnight- it comes slow, but will surely come to you. The key is to be patient and keep trying. Changing your lifestyle in the blink of an eye is difficult; make small changes, that too one at a time instead.

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9. It Only Gets Better


You will get used to living healthy once you stick on to it for a few days. Like beer, you have to acquire the taste for it. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize that leading a healthy lifestyle is not impossible.

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10. It Is Not A Competition, Unless You Are Competing With Yourself


Always remember that fitness is for your well-being, not to be better than anyone else. You need to stay fit to lead a happy, healthy life. Period. Channel you workouts and healthy diets to create a better version of yourself.