10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Green Smoothies

After chihuahuas and chokers, green smoothies are the newest accessory every Instagram star has on their account. After seeing countless pictures of gorgeous women with glowing skin holding a big smoothie in their hands, smiling contentedly into the distance, you might be a little curious about what these drinks actually do. Read on to know more about why you should start guzzling these everyday.

1. It Helps You Shed Pounds Faster


Unlike unreliable meal supplements or shady detox teas, green smoothies can help you lose weight in a much safer way. Because of their high water and fibre content, they can help you feel fuller for much longer. When your stomach feels full, it automatically becomes much easier to not reach out for that cupcake. And since you’re in full control of what goes into the smoothie, you know there are no hidden chemicals that can do your body more harm than good.

2. Drinking Is Easier Than Chewing


We all know we need our five a day, but between work and chores, who has the time? Green smoothies can help you get onto a healthier track simply because they’re ridiculously easy to make. As chucking vegetables into a blender is far more simple than finely slicing them for a salad, green smoothies can be your ultimate lazy health hack.

3. They’re Packed With Fibre


In the never ending ‘Green Juice vs Green Smoothie’ debate, smoothies have the definitive edge because of their fibre content. Juices squeeze the vitamins and nutrients out of vegetables, but leave behind all their wonderful fibre, which just gets chucked into the bin. Smoothies on the other hand, keep the fibre content intact, thus helping your digestive system do its job better.

4. They’re Customizable


Why is it easier to eat a chocolate muffin than a sprout salad? Because the muffin is so much more delicious and our senses automatically gravitate towards gratification. With green smoothies, you can pick and choose what goes in and tailor it to suit your taste buds. Don’t like the bitterness of kale? Leave it out and use a more neutral flavoured green like spinach instead. Want something sweeter to drink? Throw in a banana and satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. They’re Easier To Digest


Unlike solid food, smoothies are already pureed and thus help you skip several steps of the digestive process. This means that your body will absorb it that much faster and you won’t feel sluggish and tired after a meal.

6. They Will Help You Get That Elusive Glow


There are few things more intangible than the ‘glow’ every celebrity seems to have. If you’ve dropped major bucks on countless creams and serums that promised to give you that glow but failed, then you need to try green smoothies next. Apart from the high nutritional value drinking so many fruits and vegetables everyday can have, smoothies are also absorbed into the bloodstream better and help your skin brighten up quickly. As they’re naturally high in antioxidants too, smoothies can be the best proactive step you take against ageing.

7. They’re Easy To Carry Around


If you find it difficult to prepare healthy work lunches, then green smoothies can become your favourite workplace companion. If they’re packed properly, smoothies remain fresh for a whole day. Because they also keep you full and satiated, smoothies can also help you stop stress eating constantly at work.

8. Stops Sugar Cravings


Sugar is the big bad villain lurking in your pantry. Because it’s so addictive, kicking your sugar habit can be incredibly difficult. The best way to do this, is to increase your intake of healthy food which programs your body to crave more healthy food instead of sugar. Green smoothies can be the easiest way to do this and give up your sugar addiction for good.

9. Boosts Your Energy Levels


While starting your day with a big breakfast of pancakes and french toast can be delicious, it can also make you feel fatigued through the rest of the day. Replacing your usual breakfast with a big green smoothie can keep you more focused and alert. The electrolytes present in them also make them an ideal post workout drink.

10. It Does Wonders For Your Immunity


Remember the saying, “Every time you eat or drink, you’re either feeding disease or fighting it”?
Green smoothies are packed with healthy vegetables which help your body’s defence against various diseases. They are packed with antioxidants which help keep cancer at bay, reduce inflammation and protect you against chronic diseases.
If you’re a complete novice when it comes to making green smoothies, there are a few handy thumb rules to help you blend the perfect smoothie. To keep the sugar content of your smoothie down while not compromising on taste, keep the veggie-fruit ratio 60:40. Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to flavour. The produce section of the grocery store can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be mixing and matching like a pro. To help you get started, a healthy mix of spinach, cucumber, ginger, bananas and coconut water is both delicious and super healthy.