10 Helpful Breastfeeding Tips For Working Moms

As a working mother, it may be extremely difficult for you to juggle work and home responsibilities. Simply put, you’re nothing short of a supermom- getting through the day’s work and your little baby’s too!

Breastfeeding for working moms often tend to swap with bottle feeding- mostly because it is convenient and leaves them time and space to get done with other household work. However, it is important to note that breastfeeding is actually very crucial when it comes to ensuring the healthy development of your baby in the growing stage.You’ll be giving your child his much require nutrients and vitamins that keep his body, particularly his immune system strong through breast milk- need we say more? True, you may find it difficult to squeeze in time for breastfeeding.

Here are the top 10 tips to help you tackle it all and still breastfeed your baby:

1. Plan the Routine Schedule

There’s nothing better than planning out your schedule for the day – it keeps you focused and determined, and helps you get done with things on time. Quickly jot down the list of things you usually tackle in a day, and see how you can make changes and grab some more time for your little baby. Making adjustments with time slots to squeeze in the nursing time gets easier with a pre-planned routine.

2. Talk to the Employer about Your Situation

There’s nothing better than having a quick talk with your employer- if you’ve been a good employee and have been handling your work properly, there’s a lot you can bag in from the merit of being one. Sorting out your work schedule in a way that you get some time for your baby by explaining it to your employer helps!

3. Take Tips from Other Nursing Mothers

Taking tips from other working moms could be a good idea when you’re confused about balancing work and your baby’s care. Try to make things convenient for you at home, which will help you focus more on your baby.

4. Take Support from Your Spouse

This one’s a clear winner- getting your spouse to help you around with some household work or handling your baby for some time can be extremely helpful. This will not only strengthen the baby-father bond, but will also strengthen your bond with your partner.

5. Opt For the Pumping Technique

Pumping is the new option for breastfeeding for working mothers. It helps you store breast milk for 2-3 days. You can check out some good breast pumps available in the market and put them to use.

6. Work from Home if Possible

Another great way to manage work and your responsibilities as a mother is to work from home. Have a talk with your employer and see how you can sort this out. Thanks to the power of Internet and technological advancements, everything is possible now!

7. Introduce Bottle Feeding to Your Baby

It is always a good idea to introduce your baby to bottle feeding and get him acquainted with this practice. This way, even if you do have to resort to bottle feeding sometimes, your baby won’t really make a fuss out of it.

8. Explore Part-Time Options at Workplace

If you’ve been working full-time and trying to manage it all, now’s the best time to go part time. Speak to your employer about how you’d like to devote some time for your baby, after all, there’s nothing more important than your little one’s health.

9. Stay Positive to Combat Post-Partum

Are those post-partum blues kicking in? Try some fun activities with your little baby at home- this way, you’ll feel connected to the little angel and also enjoy some much needed ‘me’ time. Take a relaxing bath or practice yoga and stay positive. It acts as a great energy booster that helps you tackle motherhood with ease!

10. Consume the Required Supplements

As you breastfeed, you give a lot of essential nutrients to your baby, which is why, there’s a good chance that your body will deprive you of these nutrients for yourself. Taking multivitamin supplements is a good way to keep yourself fit and healthy, ensuring that you glide through your day’s responsibilities effortlessly.

These are some of the effective measures that you can look at a busy working mother. It always helps to explore more options with support groups that have mothers like you who constantly thrive to balance work life with a new born.

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Happy Motherhood!