10 Eye Problems That Signal Deeper Health Issues

Our eyes are usually one of the most neglected parts of our bodies, competing for first place along with our knees and elbows. We constantly rub, scratch and dry our eyes out by staring at phone screens all day, without a thought to their well-being. But if you paid a little more attention to a few commonly dismissed eye problems, you’d soon realize that there’s more to them than meets the eye (we apologize for all the puns). Our eyes are often the best measure of our body’s overall health. So when these eye problems pop up, it’s time you looked further into the underlying causes.

1. Bulging Eyes


If you have started noticing your eyes bulging more than usual, don’t worry about them just for reasons of vanity. Bug eyes are usually a sign of an overactive thyroid gland. If you’re also experiencing weight loss, sweating and an abnormal heart beat, get to a doctor right away.

2. Eye Sores

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Sores near the eyelid accompanied by loss of eyelashes, could actually be basal cell carcinomas. That’s skin cancer, for the uninitiated. Luckily these types of skin cancers are easily removable if they’re caught early. However, if you ignore them, they could grow and even reach your brain, resulting in blindness or death. Get regular checkups by a doctor, especially if you notice any sort of growth on your skin.

3. Yellowing Of The Whites


The whites of your eye are meant to stay white. If they turn any other color, it’s immediately a cause for concern. Yellow eyes in particular are telltale signs of a faulty gall bladder. It could mean that your bile ducts aren’t functioning properly and you might be developing jaundice.

4. Droopy Eyelids



They might make you look constantly sleepy, but droopy eyelids are usually signs of something far worse. Autoimmune disease is characterized by muscles weakening, and your eyelids drooping down is one of the most obvious symptoms. If you feel this is only a recent change and you might have cause for concern, don’t hesitate to get a medical opinion.

5. Itchy, Watery Eyes


Unless you’re an overly emotional person, constantly watery eyes are usually signs of an allergic reaction. If you’ve recently switched your eye products or you haven’t changed your lenses in a while, take a break from them. If things still haven’t improved in ten days, go see a doctor before it gets any worse.

6. Styes


Styes can be extremely painful and grotesque to look at. Styes are formed when the oil glands on your eyelid get clogged with gunk, resulting

in a large red bump. These are usually harmless (but no less painful) and go away on their own. But if they don’t, you might need a visit to the doctor to remove it or confirm that it isn’t anything more dangerous like carcinoma.

7. Sparse Eyelashes And Eyebrows


Scanty brows might be genetic or because of over-tweezing during your naive teen years. However, if you notice they’ve been falling out all of a sudden along with your eyelashes, it might be more serious. Common reasons for this are alopecia or hypothyroidism. If you feel you might be suffering from one of the two, get yourself tested.

8. Trouble Reading Print


Have you ever been at a restaurant and had to hold the menu at a dozen different lengths to try and read it? Most often the reason behind this is that you simply

need glasses. However, the older you get, the more serious it could actually be. Get an eye checkup done immediately to rule out a case of glaucoma or an infection that could lead to blindness.

9. Cloudy Vision


As in the previous case, many times, cloudy vision could just mean you need glasses to see better. However, if your vision is impaired and you’re a diabetic, this could be a sign of diabetic retinopathy, a condition that could lead to blindness. If you’re getting along in years, sudden bad vision could also be one of the first symptoms of a stroke. Either way, getting a complete checkup done will help you rule out any dangerous conditions and will improve your eyesight.

10. Pinkeye


Red eyes and a runny nose are telltale signs of conjunctivitis. If you feel you might have conjunctivitis, visit a doctor

immediately and keep the risk of contagiousness to a minimum. The old myth that you can catch conjunctivitis by looking at someone is completely untrue, you’re not a basilisk! But it does spread through contact, so wash your hands thoroughly and don’t share eye products with anyone.