10 Effective Tips To Be An Awesome Mother!

10 Effective Tips To Be An Awesome Mother!
10 Effective Tips To Be An Awesome Mother!


  1. Wake up early: Just half an hour alone in your quiet house early in the morning will leave you amazed with your increase in energy levels. We love being the martyr and complaining about having no time. It is essential to give yourself some alone time every day. Playing the role of mother should not be your entire universe, so stay connected to your inner self for deeper satisfaction. Motherhood is a part of life, not your entire life.
  2. Stop comparing: Comparison only brings down our inner capacity and takes us on a guilt trip. There is no end to comparing: comparing looks, cleaner houses, how they manage to cook fresh, and most of all, comparing our kids to others. Peer pressure is diminishing uniqueness of our own kids. Instead of being someone else and comparing your kids, just be YOU.
  3. Live in the moment: Your entire lifetime just flies in a blink—please stop and enjoy. Every child you give birth to is another chance for you to enjoy your childhood all over again. Enjoy everything your kids are doing or they ask you to do. I have my cruiser wanting me to carry him all day long. However tiring my day feels, its him who crawls to welcome me. Every phase of your baby’s life is adorable, so enjoy the now! Don’t push away happiness, because soon there will be a day when you will miss your “now.”
  4. Eat healthy: I sometimes find myself skipping my meal to cook for and feed the kids. Eating healthy is not just for kids, but you as well. Make sure to keep a routine. No one can take care of YOU as much as YOU can. The next time you leave your house, make sure to remember to carry your water bottle or a snack. Eat healthy and you are sure to stay and feel healthy.
  5. Pamper yourself: Be your best friend. On your grocery trip, buy flowers for yourself. Just sit at a table, enjoy a cookie, look at birds and observe others, just escape for a few moments whenever you can. Trust me, you have time for that!
  6. Set your priorities: I love my house to look like a museum, but with three kids there is lot to do. Piles of clothes, stacks of unwanted papers, toys on the floor, and unmade beds should not drain your energy. Clearly, an untidy house doesn’t portray who you are on the inside. It’s all part of having a family to enjoy.
  7. For some things, there is always tomorrow: That super mom image is hard to match. We all love for things to happen now, and we will try our maximum to make things happen, but some days are not meant to be the way we want them to be. Next time you so want to be on time to an appointment and have a zillion things to do and your toddler finds that great moment to go potty, delaying everything, it’s okay! We need to let go of that portrayed super mom and accept who we truly are!
  8. Stay fit: I see my clients and friends going to health clubs, burning calories in every class. They love the image that they work out, but they still look the same for years. Spending energy in doing the wrong kind of workout for your body is equally neglectful and harmful to your joints for long-term health. Results are not all about physical activity; you must also exercise emotional well-being. Stress plays an important role in that bulging belly. It is important to maintain a healthy mind and diet along with fitness without getting frustrated.
  9. Gratitude: We usually are very thankful for everything we have, but still want to buy that new dress on the sale rack. I find myself indulging in wants more than needs. I learned during my meditation practice that finding new things to be thankful for every day helps in putting focus back on what I need versus what I want, leaving a state of abundance all around.
  10. Find a hobby: Open windows to your creativity. Earlier generations had more to do than we do now a day; they had more kids and did more physical activity. We now have gadgets in our kitchen, we live in more luxury, and we work in front of computers, yet we find ourselves unsatisfied. Watching television and movies is not a hobby. Find an actual hobby to enjoy that will let you explore and appreciate your creativity.

Mothers are a reflection of GOD! No matter what walk of life we take, we are walking miracles, creating future generations full of awesomeness.

To all you awesome moms: Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!