10 Easy Ways To Remove Stress From Your Life

10 Easy Ways To Remove Stress From Your Life
10 Easy Ways To Remove Stress From Your Life

Stress has become a part of daily life for people in 21st century. Stress may be due to various reasons like, a new job, end of a relationship, baby birth, work load, daily errands of life, family responsibilities, etc.

Things might seem out of control at times, but taking control over the actions than mere thinking greatly helps. Though finding the exact cause of stress is not an easy task, taking the first step forward towards overcoming it, leads to a gradual change. Below are some of the key notes that you can apply in your life, to get relieved of your stress.


10 Easy Ways To De-stress

1) Eat Healthy


Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, which are healthy for both your body and mind. Snacking might give you an instant boost of carbohydrates, but it is not healthy for you. Eat brain-healthy food like tuna sandwich, fish, etc. which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.


2) Stay Calm


It is difficult to stay calm and focused when you have a load of work at office or have a long to-do list; but the more you worry about it, the worse it gets. So, stop for a minute and take a deep breath, and focus on the ‘musts’ rather than the ‘should’. Try to avoid things which are not important.


3) Listen To Music


Music is believed to have a positive effect on your brain. So, sit back and listen to your favourite relaxing music. It may sound boring, but research suggests that classical music is great for reducing stress than any other genre.


4) Exercise


Regular exercise keeps your body and mind focused and relaxed. You do not need to run a marathon; a small walk around your office or a simple stretch is enough.


5) Meditate


Right from ages, meditation is the best weapon to beat stress from the roots. Make it a routine to meditate in simple ways possible to you. There are many meditation techniques which you can practice being seated at your office’s desk.


6) Yoga


Research suggests that people who practice yoga along with Pranayama regularly, are found to be more mindful and less stressed in life than others. Some examples include Child’s Pose (Balasana), Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana), Eagle Pose (Garudasana) and Dead Pose (Savasana).


7) Reason Out


Try to reason with your feelings, reactions and emotions regularly. Resolve the issues as soon as possible instead of bottling them inside. Maintain a healthy relationship with all the people around you. Express your emotions in a positive and open way possible, to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary arguments.

8) Laugh Out Loud


When you are feeling stressed, just laugh loud like you never laughed before. When we laugh, our body releases endorphins – the stress relieving factors helpful in creating happy thoughts in brain.

9) Lifestyle Changes


Ayurveda preaches a very healthy lifestyle which is devoid of stress and diseases, if you follow it regularly. Ayurveda has some of the best remedies that can help reduce stress, improve reasoning and increase mental ability.

10) Ayurveda


Herbs like Brahmi, Sankhapushpi, and Ashwagandha, are helpful in managing stress.

So, next time when you feel stressed, do not worry, just follow the above simple techniques to relieve stress!