10 Completely Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Are you tired of finding your hair everywhere you go? Have you stopped brushing your hair in the fear of losing more in the process? Having a head full of hair and retaining it are two very difficult feats for many. Check out these 10 home remedies that can help you big time!

1. Aloe Vera, The All-Time Savior

Aloe vera is rich in enzymes that can increase your hair growth. Additionally, it can balance the pH level of your scalp as it has alkalizing properties. You can regularly apply aloe vera juice to your scalp to bring down irritation and itching of the scalp and rinse it off with lukewarm or cold water. This will also make your hair smooth and shiny.

2. A Hot Oil Massage, The Ultimate Stress-Buster

Melt your hair fall troubles away with a soothing and effective hot oil massage. You can use various oils like coconut, almond, gooseberry, argan or wheat germ. Heat the oil for 10-20 seconds and apply it to your scalp. Make sure that only the scalp and roots of your hair are oiled. Massage with your fingertips for 15-20 minutes. You can leave it on up to 30 minutes and then shampoo it off with lukewarm or cold water. This will increase circulation in your scalp and promote hair growth. Repeat once a week.

3. Fenugreek To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Applying fenugreek on your hair is a great way to speed up hair growth. Take a cup of fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight. Grind the seeds into a paste and apply the mixture to your hair. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Repeat every morning for a month and be amazed by the results.

4. Gooseberry, Your New Best Friend

Gooseberry is known to have many medicinal properties and is rich in vitamin C, which is essential for skin and hair. It helps you maintain a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with the same amount of gooseberry pulp and apply the paste to your hair. Leave it overnight and shampoo it off in the morning. You can repeat it whenever you feel your hair is dry or dull.

5. Indian Lilac To Keep Dandruff At Bay

Commonly known neem, Indian Lilac has antibacterial properties that can keep a check on dandruff and other scalp irritants. A healthy scalp will naturally promote fast hair growth. Neem can also increase the blood circulation in your scalp, thus keeping your hair roots strong. Take 5-10 neem leaves and boil them in water. Boil until the quantity of water comes down in half. Rinse your hair with this solution once it has cooled down. Make sure the mixture does not come in direct contact with your eyes, as it will cause them to burn. Repeat once a week or once every fortnight for lasting results.

6. Greek Yogurt For Natural Conditioning

Rich in protein and vitamin B5, Greek yogurt will provide your hair with all the conditioning and luster it needs. Mix some honey and lemon with two tablespoons of Greek yogurt and apply the paste to your scalp and hair using a hair-dye brush. Rinse with cold water after leaving it on for about 30 minutes. The antibacterial properties of honey will also keep your scalp healthy.

7. Beetroot Leaves For Healthy Hair

Beetroot leaves are rich in vitamins B and C, protein, and potassium, all of which are extremely vital for healthy hair growth. Take 5-10 beetroot leaves and boil them in water. Boil until the quantity of water comes down in half. Grind the boiled leaves and add some henna to the paste. Apply the paste as a hair mask. Rinse off with cold water after 20 minutes. Repeat three times a week for best results.

8. Green Tea For Strong Hair

Green tea is miraculously effective in preventing hair fall. It can exfoliate your scalp, thus letting your pores breathe and allowing the hair to grow stronger and faster. It is also known to increase your metabolism, which again speeds up hair growth. Take 2 or 3 green tea bags and soak them in 2-3 cups of hot water. Rinse your hair with it once the solution cools down. Massage your scalp well and rinse off with cold water.

9. Potato Juice For Wholesome Hair

Who knew that finger chips are not the best part about potatoes! They are rich in vitamin C, iron, and potassium, thus making them a great choice for treating hair loss. Skin two potatoes, cut them in small pieces, and make a puree out of them. Strain the puree to extract the juice alone. Add a tablespoon each of honey and water and mix thoroughly. Apply this to your hair and scalp and rinse off after 30 minutes.

10. Henna For Lustrous Hair

Hair masks made of henna are quite popular in Asian countries. It is used as a natural hair colorant and conditioner, particularly in countries like India. It can make your hair stronger and regain its sheen. Make a hair pack by mixing henna powder and curd in 2:1 ratio. Apply the pack to your hair using a hair-dye brush and leave it to dry. Rinse off with cold water and shampoo.

These remedies are 100% natural and extremely easy to prepare at the comfort of your home. Try them out and your hair will become strong, healthy and, shiny in no time. Also, remember to adopt a protein-rich diet and follow proper hair hygiene for long-lasting results.